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March 11, 2017

Save $200 on the Acer 34-inch Predator curved gaming monitor through March 15

by John_A

Gone are the old days of clunky CRT monitors and cramped 4:3 aspect ratios. Innovations like ultra-wide resolutions have given users far more options when it comes to desktop displays, greatly enhancing the viewing experience and immersion for activities such as gaming. One of the latest design innovations is curved screens as seen on displays like the Acer 34-inch Predator curved gaming monitor, now available for a $200 discount through March 15.

Acer Predator curved gaming monitorThe Acer Predator X34 boasts an ultra-wide QHD resolution of 3,440 x 1,440. The 21:9 aspect ratio gives you a 178-degree field of view which, in conjunction with the curved display, makes the Predator X34 a solid alternative to a multi-monitor setup — there are no bezels between the screens to break up the picture and distract you.

The Acer Predator curved gaming monitor offers a standard refresh rate of 60Hz which can be overclocked to up to 100Hz to reduce motion blur even further. In-plane switching, an anti-glare treatment, and a tilt angle of up to 35 degrees makes it easy to find the perfect viewing angle.

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Acer Predator curved gaming monitorThe Acer Predator is the first curved display to feature Nvidia G-Sync technology. Purpose-designed for graphically demanding games, G-Sync virtually eliminates annoying screen tearing for a consistently clear picture. The 4ms response time cuts down on latency and input lag for time-sensitive online games like first-person shooters and fighting games where a split second can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The X34 also features two built-in 7-watt DTS Sound speakers along with one HDMI port, one VGA port, and five USB 3.0 connections for attaching peripherals or charging mobile devices.

The Predator curved gaming monitor normally retails for $1,300 but is now available directly from Acer for $1,100 until March 15. The X34 was named PCMag’s favorite ultra-wide gaming display, so if you’ve been looking for a curved screen or want an ultra-wide setup without the hassles of multiple monitors, then the Acer Predator is a great option.

Buy it from Acer for $1,100

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