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March 4, 2017

Can’t sleep? Text Dirty Lemon and see if its Sleep potion will help

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial, and you may be able to do it with the Sleep beverage from Dirty Lemon.

Finally, a nightcap that won’t make you feel like you need to wear a ball cap the next morning to hide a hangover. No, we haven’t discovered a side effect-less alcoholic beverage, but we may have found a way to help you sleep better. Meet Dirty Lemon, a new functional beverage brand based in Brooklyn that is sells its various tonics (really, we don’t know how else to describe them) exclusively via text message.

Created to address its customers beauty and wellness needs, Dirty Lemon offers three major products — Sleep, Detox, and Skin + Hair. Sleep — which launched just this January, promises to put customers to bed quickly and naturally with its combination of “functional herbs along with magnesium and rose water to promote drowsiness and mental calm.” Made with chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower, Sleep hopes to help you get ready for bed when you need it most.

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So what do those apothecary-esque herbs actually do for you? According to Dirty Lemon, passionflower is used to promote healthy sleep in those who experience restlessness, wakefulness or interrupted sleep patterns. Chamomile, on the other hand, is described as a sleep-inducer that modulates a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body. Magnesium Glycinate is said to promote an overall state of muscle relaxation,and also to improve sleep efficiency, early morning awakening, and combat insomnia.

As for its other products, Detox and Skin + Hair, these drinks also do what their names suggest. Detox, which is made with filtered water, lemon juice, herbal extracts, and activated charcoal (sourced from coconut shells), claims to help calm the stomach, support the liver and kidney functions, and trap impurities before they can be absorbed by the body. As for Skin + Hair, the first bottled beverage to contain collagen (along with hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides, horsetail, red clover, and cayenne) promises to aid in skin elasticity, hydration and skin density, increase internal collagen production, and offer nutrients for optimal hair health.

Marketed directly to millennials, Dirty Lemon’s unique SMS model was conceptualized by the company’s co-founders, Zak Normandin and Sommer Carroll. With hopes of changing the way people buy beverages, Dirty Lemon sought to open up lines of communication in direct a way as possible. “By being direct-to-consumer, Dirty Lemon has the ability to look ahead of what big beverage brands are doing and break the traditional commerce format with his unique text-to-buy platform,” the company notes. “The system gives the brand the opportunity to directly communicate with their consumer, which leads to the customer having a more intimate connection to the brand.”

So if you’re looking to try Dirty Lemon, just shoot the company a text.

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