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February 15, 2017

5 New iPhone Apps You’ll Definitely Want to Install

by John_A

Whether you have just bought your first iPhone or have been a loyal Apple customer for years, there’s nothing more exciting than downloading new apps to your brand new handset. Whether you’ve treated yourself to the latest iPhone 7 or are saving money by opting for an older model that still has a great range of features, getting the right apps for your needs is a huge part of fully optimizing your phone to suit your lifestyle. We’ve listed some of the best new apps that you should consider downloading to your iPhone.

888 Poker

If you enjoy playing poker as a hobby or even professionally in order to make yourself some extra cash, this app is available from the Apple App Store and will allow you to play poker to your hearts content from the comfort of your own home. From your iPhone, you’ll be able to easily upload money to your 888 account via your debit or credit card, PayPal, or a range of other alternative payment methods. Once your account is in credit you can then begin to play poker as normal, either at home or to pass the time whilst on the go, for example when commuting to and from work on public transport.


Although it’s not one of the newest apps out there, Boomerang is a definite download for your iPhone if you are a fan of taking videos and using Instagram! A popular app with iPhone users of all ages, Boomerang allows you to make funny videos of all sorts of different things and upload them to your social media accounts to share with your family and friends. Whether it’s a video of yourself, your pet, your friends, children or something else entirely, you’re sure to have plenty of free fun with this app.

One Second Every Day

Although it was released back in 2015, this cool app has only just begun to really gain some popularity, so it is certainly worth a mention. If you enjoy documenting things via video, perhaps to upload to your Facebook or Snapchat account, then you will love this app, which encourages you to record just one second of your day, every day. After a few months or even a year, you will have a continuous movie of your one-second clips (which can be longer if you need them to be!). This is a great way to make a video diary of anything that you might be doing, whether it’s traveling, studying, or working out to lose weight!


If you enjoy fantasy stories and making new friends online, then you certainly need this app on your iPhone. Released just this year, Hooked allows you to read and create your own fantasy stories with other users in a chat feature. An alternative to simply reading books on iBooks or the Amazon Kindle app, Hooked is a fun app that’s sure to keep you ‘hooked’ for hours – no pun intended!

Peak Brain Training

New and improved for 2017, Peak Brain Training is free for the iPhone and offers a comprehensive collection of brain training exercises that are specially designed to improve your memory, enhance your cognitive ability, fine-tune your problem-solving skills, and more. Including a range of puzzles, strategy games and more to keep you occupied, this app will help you to improve your cognition, which can benefit many other areas of your life.

As an iPhone user, you know that you have a huge range of fun, interesting or informational apps to download from the App Store. These are just some of the best new apps available for iPhone now.

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