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Deter bicycle thieves with this textile-based cable from Tex-Lock

Why it matters to you

Why carry around a bulky metal bicycle when you can travel light with the new textile-based Tex Lock cable?

Bicycle chains can be a real drag. The keyed U-locks and combination cables that keep your bike safe are difficult to haul around on your bike. Not only are they heavy, but they also are bulky. A decent cable lock can’t be compressed enough to fit in a saddle bag, and will get in the way of your pedaling when mounted on your top tube or sit like a dead weight in your cycling backpack. There has to be a better way, and a group of cycling enthusiasts frustrated with the existing locks to come up with one. Say hello to Tex-Lock, a flexible and lightweight cable lock that is secure as existing metal locks but at a fraction of the weight.

Unlike existing locks that utilize metal as their core material, Tex-Lock uses a textile-based rope material that is manufactured in layers. There is a decorative shield on the outside that covers water, fire, and cut-resistant layers. The textile is braided into a chain that is flexible enough to fit into the front pocket of a shell, yet robust enough to resist cutting by bolt cutters and even fracturing by ice spray. In fact, the colder it gets, the stronger the textile fabric becomes. It also is heat resistant and will maintain its integrity even under a direct flame.

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Tex-Lock is secure, but its biggest benefit is that it is travel-friendly. The flexible cable can be coiled to fit into small bags and jacket pockets. It is also soft, which means it can dangle off your top tube and not scratch your bike or bruise your legs. The fabric rope is lightweight weighing no more than 350 grams (about 12 ounces) per meter, which is minuscule when compared to metal bicycle locks which can weigh over 4 pounds, depending on their construction.

Tex-Lock is being sold as a Kickstarter-funded project with an estimated ship date of August 2017. The entry level short Tex-Lock costs approximately $100, while the XL version will set you back $120. All versions include a padlock and bracket to attaches the lock to your bicycle.


Clear some counter space for these 5 great kitchen gadgets for under $50

These days, there are a variety of gadgets to help make cooking easier. From automatic stirrers to slicers and dicers, you can substantially reduce the time and effort you spend in the kitchen each day. With all of the options available, it can be tough to choose the right kitchen tech for you. The last thing you want is to drop hundreds of dollars on a tool only to leave it to gather dust in the cupboard a week later. No matter what you’re spending, your kitchen gadgets should either get regular use or make an infrequent task substantially easier to justify a place in your cupboard or on the counter.

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Not every useful tool has to cost a fortune, though. For the same amount of money you’d spend on a meal for two at a nice restaurant, you can buy a gadget that will help you prepare endless gourmet meals. Check out our picks for the best cooking tech for under $50.

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker, Steamer, and Slow Cooker ($35)

Want to make cooking your meals quicker and easier? This small, stainless steel appliance is a rice cooker, slow cooker, and a steamer all in one. You can make a variety of recipes in this pot, such as soups, stews, and steamed meat and vegetables. It contains a water reservoir that channels away excess condensation, allowing your foods to steam perfectly.

Whether you’re single or have a large family, Aroma Housewares makes cookers to fit your needs. The 8-cup, 12-cup, and 20-cup models are priced between $30 and $50. The easy-to-use programmable functions — including steam, slow cook, white rice, brown rice, and keep warm — make it so you can throw your ingredients in the pot and get back to binge watching Netflix until your meal is complete.

The dishwasher-safe, non-stick inner cooking pot lets you plan your meals in advance with the 15-hour delay timer. This pot provides flexibility, function, and efficiency to your kitchen for a great value.

Buy one now from:


Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker ($17-$20)

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Hey, egg lovers! This little gadget can cater to virtually all of your egg-cooking needs. It makes hard-, medium-, and soft-boiled eggs for recipes like salads and deviled eggs. You can also use it to make individual omelets, poached eggs, and scrambled eggs.

To make boiled eggs, just set them inside of the holding tray and press the “on” button. To make omelets or poached eggs, all you have to do is fill the tray with eggs and any desired toppings, close the egg cooker, and turn it on.

The Dash Go comes with a poaching tray, measuring cup, omelet tray, and six-egg holding tray. It is multi-functional, practical, easy to clean, and under $20. It even comes with a one-year warranty and a recipe book.

Buy one now from:


Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer ($17)

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Are you a wine connoisseur, or are you looking for a way to class up your mediocre merlots? By aerating your wine, you expand its surface area, allowing air to circulate throughout. This wine pourer aerates your wine as you pour by drawing in oxygen. Because the spout is notched and slanted, it even helps prevent spills and drips when pouring. To use the Aerator, you simply attach the pourer to your wine bottle and pour a glass. When you want to clean the device, disassemble it and run it under water.

Our only complaint? You can’t really use it for boxed wine, which can often benefit from some aeration.

Buy one now from:


Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker Portable Espresso and Cappuccino Maker ($50)

With all of the coffee makers on the market, finding one that’s unique is kind of like finding a four-leaf clover in an open field. Staresso created something pretty amazing in this portable espresso and cappuccino maker. For less money than some people spend at Starbucks each month, you can buy this Red Dot Award-winningdevice and get your caffeine fix on the go. The device has no plugs or batteries; you manually pump your own cup of joe.

To make a cup, you add grinds to the coffee chamber, fill the water chamber, and then pump the device until your cup is full of coffee. Staresso uses pressure to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly. In turn, you get a cup filled with more flavor and less acidity or bitterness. You can also create milk foam using the device, in addition to cold brewing.

Buy one now from:


Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System with Bag Starter Kit ($44)

Even if you’re not a fan of sous vide, a vacuum sealer is a great investment. In addition to keeping water away from your meats and veggies when you’re using the cooking technique, vacuum sealing has other benefits. It’s one of the best ways to prevent freezer burn – which happens when moisture in the food evaporates when it’s exposed to air, changing the taste and texture of your leftovers.

There are certainly some pricier, more-attractive options out there, but the Nesco VS-02 has some nice features for the price. You can store the bags inside the device and use it as either a vacuum sealer – to create an air-tight seal for fresh or frozen foods – or as a re-sealer, to close up bags of chips. The starter kit comes with two rolls of bagging material and 10 bags, so you can start squirreling away your leftovers right away.

Buy one now from:



Win over your loved one this Valentine’s Day with HTC’s phone discounts

Why it matters to you

If your loved one is on the hunt for a smartphone, HTC discounted several of its phones and accessories to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which can signal good or bad things for your love life. Whichever camp you might find yourself in, why not add to the love in the air with HTC’s Seven Days of Sappiness?

The week-long promotion centers around three HTC smartphones: the One M9, One A9, and HTC 10. The One M9 receives the deepest discount, as the phone goes from its original $650 price tag to $400. The phone is a bit long in the tooth, seeing how it was HTC’s 2015 flagship, but its octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 20-megapixel camera help it remain relevant.

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Meanwhile, the One A9 drops from $500 to $300 and is available in Carbon Gray, Deep Garnet, Opal Silver, and Topaz Gold. As is the case with the One M9, the One A9 is a bit old at this point, given its release in the latter half of 2015, but its discounted price helps it compete nicely with the likes of the Moto G4 Plus and Honor 6X. It also helps that the phone was recently updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, something neither of the two aforementioned phones can say just yet. The One A9 can be purchased unlocked or with support for a specific carrier, though the price remains the same.

Finally, the HTC 10 gets knocked down from $700 to $550 and is available in black, silver, gold, and red. The price remains the same regardless of whether you buy the phone unlocked or with a specific carrier in mind. The discounted helps position the HTC 10 nicely against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7, and we particularly liked its clean software and solid audio capabilities.

Phones are not the only discounted products as all accessories are 50 percent off. HTC specifically calls out the JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C earphones, which now cost $100 — half the regular price.

All three phones include free shipping, HTC’s Uh-Oh Protection, and either a travel water mug or notepad as a small gift. Some lucky folks will also get free power charges and phones with their orders. The Seven Days of Sappiness promotion lasts through Friday, February 17


The recipe for Apple Pie: How and why Apple is taking charge of its own cloud services

Most of us utilize cloud services on a regular basis — whether we’re aware of it or not. The likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud underpin many of the apps and services we rely on, but they’re designed such that users barely notice they’re doing anything at all.

Currently, Apple uses cloud services provided by some of its biggest competitors to implement its iCloud platform. The company pays hundreds of millions of dollars to Google for these services — and previously paid Microsoft and Amazon for the same infrastructure.

As a result, iCloud has faced heavy criticism in recent years, spanning from enraged celebrities decrying hacks that saw their personal photographs splashed across the internet, to everyday users frustrated with slow, sluggish performance. Apple’s other projects that utilize cloud services haven’t fared much better, with Maps consistently being compared unfavorably to other offerings, and vital storefronts like the iTunes Store and the App Store experiencing major outages.

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Apple is ready for a change. The company is reportedly pursuing its own cloud services solution, under the codename Pie. And that’s good news for fans of Cupertino’s hardware.

The service industry

Apple is being secretive about its aspirations for the Pie project, but we do know bits and Pieces about its overarching strategy.

Apple doesn’t need to become the market leader in cloud services for Pie to be worthwhile.

In April 2016, unrest was reported among the company’s iCloud team after efforts to adapt Siri for better integration with cloud services ran into trouble. In October 2016, it emerged that Apple was preparing to move teams working on projects including Siri, iCloud, and Maps onto the same campus, rather than being spread across various locations.

This is not the typical corporate re-structuring. For Apple, the first step towards a proprietary cloud services platform is bringing its existing teams under one roof. Putting teams in the same building should help establish some continuity across the projects that they’re working on.

Apple’s success across the Mac, the iPod, and the iPhone can be boiled down to an ethos of ‘simple things done well.’ An iPhone might not offer as much flexibility as its Android equivalent, but it makes straightforward tasks like web browsing, messaging, taking photos, and installing apps as easy as possible. “It just works,” as the old marketing line goes.

apples attempt to follow amazon microsoft and google into cloud services wont be easy apple pie platformprykhodov/123RF

apples attempt to follow amazon microsoft and google into cloud services wont be easy apple pie platformApple

Compare this to iCloud sync, which all too often stutters and fails, the too-frequent outages of the iTunes store, or the Maps app that can’t find the location you’re trying to travel toward. These scenarios are frustrating for the user, directly contradicting the carefully cultivated reputation that Apple uses to sell its products.

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There’s a great deal of work to be done if Apple is serious about taking charge of its own cloud services and building a platform for its next generation of iOS staples. However, bringing this important component of today’s iPhone and iPad experience in-house will allow the company to apply the same level of craftsmanship that it exhibits elsewhere. That kind of control simply isn’t possible while Apple is reliant on third-party cloud services.

A piece of the pie

Some of Apple’s fiercest rivals already have a strong foothold in cloud services. Amazon AWS made its debut in 2006, Microsoft Azure launched in 2010, and Google Cloud Platform has been around since 2011. These companies have had several years to iron out any kinks in their services, and along the way they’ve each amassed large consumer bases.

Apple will have an uphill battle to fight if it intends to carve out its own slice of the cloud services market. However, the company isn’t necessarily looking to face its competitors head-on.

“I don’t see Apple trying to sell cloud services in the same way that we see Amazon, Azure, Google trying to do that same thing,” says Greg Arnette, the co-founder and CTO of cloud services specialists Sonian. Rather than play catch-up to seize a proportion of the existing cloud services user base, Apple might instead play to its strengths and target one sector more specifically.

“I could see maybe Apple trying to offer something there that then enhances their app ecosystem, and generates more revenue in an incremental way, and gets the mindshare of iOS developers who are out there,” explained Arnette. “Because right now, those iOS developers are using services from Google and Amazon, and Azure, to build mobile apps.”

This scenario makes it easier to see how Apple could feasibly break into cloud services. Much like Amazon, it might build infrastructure to underpin its own interests, like the iTunes Store and Siri. Then, when that’s in place, it can sell the same services to iOS developers who might be tempted by tried-and-tested solutions that were purpose-built for the platform.

“Mobile development is a huge opportunity — it’s gonna keep growing and morphing,” said Arnette. He projected a scenario where iOS developers could access a list of cloud services provided by Apple via the App Store and turn on the services they need, paying for the backend resources they use at an agreed rate.

The proof is in the pudding

For Apple, the move from cloud services provided by a third party to its own Pie infrastructure would be a massive overhaul; for iOS users, it’ll hopefully be unnoticeable.

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Don’t expect to see massive changes to the user interface of the iTunes Store, or for Siri to get any new abilities because of the transition. For all the activity behind the scenes, the best-case scenario for this kind of process is that things work exactly as they did before, but with less waiting, and less downtime.

Right now, iOS developers are using services from Google, Amazon, and Azure to build mobile apps.

“I would think that would be the goal, minimal disruption or distraction,” said Arnette. “That’s typically the new operating mindset around these big shifts.” He compares the situation to his experience working with AWS.

“I hear stories that the S3 service we use today is radically different in architecture than the S3 they started off with years ago,” he said. “But as an S3 consumer, I would never know that there’s been massive change, because they did such a good job removing the users of S3 from having to be concerned about these big upgrades, or these big architectural changes that have been put in place to improve the service over time.”

As an end user, Apple’s shift from third-party cloud services to its own internal Pie should be imperceptible, outside of apps and services hopefully becoming more reliable and responsive. “I would imagine that would be Apple’s goal, that they would want the consumers of these services to not be aware that there are big changes going on,” said Arnette. “How they pull that off is probably going to be a feat in itself.”

On the surface, Apple’s decision to pursue cloud services might seem like a company jumping on the bandwagon years after the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google laid their claim to low-hanging fruit. In fact, this is a multi-faceted project that’s going to play out over many years, with the potential to drastically improve one of the few weaknesses that plagues Apple today.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Apple’s cloud services gambit could prove to be a costly failure, marred by a lack of experience in this sector, and strong competition. That would put Apple even further behind, and leave users bemoaning iTunes well into the next decade. Either way, this project will have a major impact on the company’s fortunes, in the smartphone market and beyond.


When the temperature goes down, the swipes go up, Tinder data shows

Why it matters to you

If you’re looking for a date, the best time to do it may be during snowstorms, Tinder data shows.

When the warmth’s away, the daters will play. That appears to be what Tinder’s data suggests when it comes to cold weather and dating habits. Earlier this week, the northeastern portion of the United States was pummeled by Snowstorm Niko, which dumped some 18 inches of snow in parts of the country. But if history is any indication, snowed-in folks took the opportunity to be extra productive … on their dating apps.

When Winter Storm Jonas hit the same region of the nation in January 2016, Tinder reported seeing an increase of 10 percent on the day of the storm, resulting in more than 25 million matches during the worst weather. In fact, during Snowmaggedon 2016, nearly two billion swipes were made by folks apparently yearning for warmth — preferably provided by another person.

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Unsurprisingly, the most populous city in the U.S. was also the most active during Winter Storm Jonas last year (with data collected between January 22 and January 24). New York City saw the most swipes in that three day period, followed by Philadelphia. And while Massachusetts is known for its studious populace, two of its major cities made the top five list of swipers — both Boston and Cambridge experienced a significant uptick in Tinder activity during those snowy days. Newark, New Jersey rounded out the list of top five.

This swing in activity makes sense, Tinder Sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino said in an emailed statement to Digital Trends. “Snow Storm Niko may be a great time to use Tinder because most people want to stay indoors, leaving them without too many things to do — you can only Netflix binge for so long,” Carbino noted. “During this downtime, singles can foster meaningful conversations and make a connection with Tinder matches. You never know — you may find someone that you can’t wait to hang with once the snow clears.”


These are the watches that support Android Pay


Android Pay on your watch makes paying easier than ever.

Android Pay has been making payments easier on all of us for a while by linking your bank card to your smartphone. Things have just gotten even easier though, because it has been added to the Android Wear ecosystem. Using your watch to pay means that you don’t even need to take anything out of your pocket when it comes time to pay for your purchases, but to use Android Pay on your watch there are a few requirements.

Note: This list will be updated as new devices are released with Android Wear support.

What it necessary for Android Pay to work?


While Android Pay is brand new to the Android Wear ecosystem, it does have a few requirements to work correctly on your watch.

Namely, you’ll need to make sure that your watch is running Android Wear 2.0, and includes NFC. While there are a number of watches that will be getting the update to Android Wear 2.0, the second part is a bit trickier. That’s because most watches don’t include NFC, so you may need to pick up a new watch if you’re hoping to use Android Pay as soon as possible.

Which watches support Android Pay?


For the time being, especially since Android Wear 2.0 is brand new, the list of supported watches is extremely short. In fact for the time being there is only one watch that will work. This list is sure to expand as more watches are released that include NFC. Until then, if Android Pay is too good to miss out on, then you’ll want to pick up an LG Watch Sport.

  • LG Watch Sport

Android Wear

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  • These watches will get Android Wear 2.0
  • Discuss Android Wear in the forums!


How to stay connected in a storm: a MrMobile guide

APOCALYPSE! Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but when your power goes out it can feel like one, especially in our connected world. If you haven’t prepared, you might not be able to check your Twitter for HOURS. That’s too much for some to bear.

I’m Michael Fisher, alias MrMobile, and I spent yesterday in one of New England’s dreaded Nor’easters, preparing for the worst (which, in this case, was a cup of hot chocolate and uninterrupted electricity). But if you find yourself in the path of a storm, this video guide will help you get set up for whatever’s incoming!

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Best apps for making Valentine’s Day super special ❤️


Updated 10 February 2017: We’ve streamlined the best Valentine’s apps, and made our list easier to read through.

  • Best for Communication
  • Best for Flowers
  • Best for Restaurant reservations
  • Best for Hotel reservations

Best for communication



See at Play Store

We all live ridiculously fast-paced lives, which can make finding time with your sweetie can be difficult. This is especially true if you are afraid of a child, or someone else, accidentally stumbling across those hot and heavy texts you’ve been sending. That’s where Between, an app built to make communicating between couples easier than ever.

Between is an app specifically made for couples to chat, send pictures, and enjoy private communication with one another. It has a chat feature that allows you to send private messages that can only be seen by your partner from within the app. The calendar feature makes it easy to schedule out dates, or special plans in advance so that both you and your partner are aware of those special days as they come up. There is even a private photo album that will let you share private photos or videos.

Whether you’re aiming for a more private way to communicate with your honey, or you just don’t want anybody else accidentally stumbling across your communiques, Between is an awesome option.

Bottom line: Between offers a more private alternative to just chatting over Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. With private one-to-one messaging, and features like a calendar, and a place to share any risqué photos, it’s a great option for couples to enjoy each others presence.

One more thing: Security is definitely a concern with apps like Between, which is why you can lock the app to keep friends or children from accidentally stumbling upon private moments.

Best for flowers



See at Play Store

When it comes to presents for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, the traditional gift is probably flowers. But there are definitely plenty of other gifts that you might also want to send. This is especially true if you’re trying to make sure that your sweetie feels the love, even if you aren’t able to see them in person for this romantic holiday. That is where 1800-FLOWERS comes in.

While they definitely offer a variety of floral arrangements, that isn’t the only thing that is available. You can go ahead and order stuffed toys, chocolates and even fruit bouquets. When you make an order, you can track the delivery to ensure it gets where it’s going. For the Procrastinators out there, you can even arrange same day delivery for the arrangement you choose for your special someone.

Bottom line: 1800-FLOWERS offers more than just floral arrangements. You can send flowers, plants, chocolates and even fruit to the person you adore. You can even take advantage of order tracking, and same day ordering and shipping. With 1800-FLOWERS you can ensure that your loved one knows how much you care, even when you aren’t there in person.

One more thing: You have the option to ship internationally to over 195 different countries, making it easy to make sure your sweetie feels loved no matter where they might happen to be.

Best for restaurant reservations



See at Play Store

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the biggest nights for dinner out over the course of the entire year. Thousands of couples will be descending on restaurants all over the country — and the world — which can make finding a decent place to grab dinner a serious pain in the ass. Open Table is here to make reservations as easy as possible on you, so that Valentine’s Day is as stress free as is possible.

Finding reservations for Valentine’s Day can be a real pain, but rather than hopping from restaurant to restaurant on the big night desperately looking for a wait under an hour, take a peek at OpenTable instead. You can explore local areas, and see restaurants with open reservations in the area. At each restaurant you’ll be able to see the menu, and filter out whether they are good for larger groups.

Additionally, when you use the app to make a reservation, you’ll get access to special perks. These include special deals at participating restaurants, as well as promotions that can shave money off of your check the next time you come back. You can also share reservations with your loved one, and add reservations to your calendar. If you’re traveling for Valentine’s Day you can always use OpenTable to find an awesome place to eat in countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, and many, many, more.

Bottom line: OpenTable makes it easy to find an awesome place for dinner whether you are at home, or traveling abroad. You can get special perks by using the app, pay from your phone, and share reservations with your partner.

One more thing: OpenTable gives you access to reservations at over 32,000 locations worldwide.

Best for Hotel reservations

Hotel Tonight


See at Play Store

Having access to a hotel room can turn a normal date night into something a bit more special. If you’re a procrastinator, or you just want to make Valentine’s Day better at the last minute, then Hotel Tonight is here for you. That’s because this app is specifically built to help you find an awesome hotel room for, like, now.

When you go searching for a hotel room, you have the ability to filter the type of rooms that pop up. The description for each room is fairly short, boiled down to the top three reasons that a hotel is awesome. That means that you don’t need to spend precious time going through pros and cons, everything you need is right there in front of you.

While Hotel Tonight is built for finding a room that day, you can also plan in advance to make your night super special. This includes giving you highlights of driving-distance getaways and other local perks. Certain hotels even offer special discounts, which can be found within the app. Best of all Hotel Tonight is built to make getting a reservation a fast, easy, and streamlined process, so that you spend more time with your sweetie and less time on your phone.

Bottom line: Hotel Tonight offers a great way to find the perfect hotel room, without stressing you out in the process. You can filter rooms, see nearby attractions, and even reserve an app when there are only a few short hours left in the night.

One more thing: If you have any issues with the app, customer support is available 24/7 with actual live humans.


There are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your honey. While you definitely don’t need to use an app to make things amazing, they can help to make Valentine’s Day as stress free as possible. After all this is a day to share with your sweetie, not spend hunched over your phone trying desperately to make sure everything works out. Do you have a favorite app for making Valentine’s Day excellent? Be sure to drop a line in the comments and let us know about it!


Intel’s 8th-gen Core processors won’t be revolutionary

It’s clearer than ever that the days of tick-tock Intel chip upgrades (new process one generation, new architecture the next) are long gone. Intel has revealed that its 8th-generation Core processors, due in the second half of 2017 will once again be built on a 14-nanometer process — yes, for the fourth time in a row. The company is shy on what these new chips will entail, but it’s claiming that it’ll manage another 15 percent performance improvement (in SysMark tests, anyway) like it did with the 7th-generation Core designs you see now.

AnandTech notes that the upcoming refresh might focus more on the low-voltage U- and Y-series chips you see in very thin and light laptops, just as you saw with the initial 7th-gen processors late last year. That has yet to be confirmed, however.

One thing’s for sure: when Intel’s long-delayed 10nm processors finally do arrive, you won’t see a wholesale switch to the new technology. Intel says that future process uses will be “fluid” depending on the segment they’re targeting, and that data centers will get first crack at these upgrades. Don’t be surprised if the Xeon line gets first dibs on 10nm, then, or if only some mainstream chips make the leap at first.

The decision might be necessary given the challenges of shrinking large CPUs down to a 10nm process, but it’s likely to leave Intel feeling nervous. After all, mobile giants like Qualcomm are releasing 10nm processors this year. While mobile tablets probably won’t outperform most laptops any time soon, this could narrow the gap enough that you might be tempted to skip buying a conventional Intel-based PC in the right circumstances.

Via: AnandTech

Source: Intel (PDF), Intel Official News (Twitter)


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