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How to turn on AR mode after you’ve turned it off in Pokemon Go – CNET


All you need to do is find a Pokemon.

Alina Bradford/CNET

There are times when it’s a good idea to turn off Pokemon Go’s augmented reality feature. Turning off AR switches off the cool graphics and gives you a plain background. It also allows you to catch a Pokemon without aiming your phone’s camera at it.

Turning off AR mode is helpful when Pokemon appear in people’s houses. You really don’t want strangers to call the cops because you’re standing in front of their house pointing your phone at them. Unfortunately, you can only turn AR on or off during a battle, so you might find yourself stuck with the wrong settings.

So, to turn on AR you’ll need to find another Pokemon. Tap on the Pokemon to engage it and the AR toggle will pop up in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Make sure to toggle the AR switch before you capture the Pokemon or you will be stuck without AR mode until you find another Pokemon to battle.

  • Find more tips for new Pokemasters at our Ultimate Guide to Pokemon Go.

Don’t miss your chance to save $50 on the Amazon Echo

Right now, Amazon Prime members can save $50 on the Amazon Echo, dropping the price to just $129. If you are not a Prime member already, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of the deals that Amazon is offering today. For those not familiar with the Echo, it is Amazon’s smart speaker that can play your music, respond to voice commands and much more.


Amazon has been adding new features and functionality to the Echo each week, so if you are interested but don’t want to pay the full price today is your day. This deal, which is part of Amazon’s Prime Day is only good for today, July 12.

See at Amazon

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Sphero BB-8 is $28 less for Prime members today!

Have you been eyeing Sphero’s BB-8 but waiting for it to drop in price? Well, Amazon Prime members can pick it up today for just $97, which is a $28 discount on it. If you don’t already have a Prime membership, you can sign up right now for a free 30-day trial to get in on the discounts. The BB8 is controlled by an app on your phone, and it has authentic movement just like what you see from the character in the movie.


In addition, you can control this with your voice or set it to autonomous and let it go explore on its own. If you’ve been wanting to add this BB-8 to your house, don’t wait too long. This deal is only good for today, July 12, as part of Amazon’s Prime Day.

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These are the people playing Pokemon Go


Massive numbers of people from nearly every walk of life are out in search of Pokemon right now.

As you may have noticed, we’ve published a non-trivial number of articles recently on the new game Pokemon Go. It’s a little different from our usual Android coverage, but there are several good reasons for it. The most important is simple — there are so. many. people. playing this game and looking for instructions on how to use the individual features in the game.

Who are these people, though?

If you ask folks who aren’t playing the game, you’ll undoubtedly hear something negative about the folks currently obsessed with Pokemon Go.

  • Longtime Android Central reader Acelucero75 says “I guess we’re all four year olds.”
  • Donatoadc was a lot less polite about their thoughts.
  • Phd210 seemed to think Pokemon Go was only for a small fraction of the Android Central readership.
  • Erik Johnson isn’t a fan, but figured it was good for all the fat kids who would play the game.
  • He’s also pretty sure anyone who is over 15 and plays this is a loser.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with not liking a game — especially one that isn’t really a part of your personal culture and wasn’t something you enjoyed while growing up — a lot of the comments I saw about what the assumed demographic for this game was seemed off. I couldn’t disagree with these folks without something more than anecdotal evidence, so I went to Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor at sunset to see who was playing this game.


This couple decided to take a walk around the harbor after work, and have been playing Pokemon Go from Day 1. The guy noted that this was his favorite area to walk for the game because he loves the designs for the water-type Pokemon a lot, and would rather catch those. This isn’t someone living in his Mom’s basement, he has a job and a healthy relationship and a life.


These two were angrily commenting on how frequently Niantic’s servers were going down when I stopped them to talk. The 31-year-old to the right grew up with Pokemon, and has had a lot of fun getting out and exploring the city a little more than usual with her friends.


There isn’t a single person in this photo younger than 22, and all of them were wandering around playing together. They caught my attention when one of them shouted “Oh, shit! There’s a Dratini over here, son!” And no less than 15 people who had been playing the game in the surrounding area wandered over to catch it. All adults, having a good time with friends, and sharing the game with others. A woman who had just left a bar with a friend that was playing the game explained that she thought no one over 18 was playing this game, but seeing nearly everyone in the Harbor playing made her want to install it on the spot.


This couple had been walking around the Baltimore Convention Center when I arrived in the city and made their way to the Inner Harbor because of all the Lure Modules that had been installed on all the PokeStops in the area. The man on the right is 51 years old, and has been playing video games “from all the way back in the day” with his friends. He says he’s never seen anything quite like this, and loves how amazingly diverse the players out in the real world are.

Not one of these people could tell me what a Nexus phone was.

These are people I found willing to let a random stranger take their photo within a 20-minute span. The number of people excitedly playing this game is incredible, and quickly put to rest any arguments about the quality or age of person playing Pokemon Go. As I left the Harbor I saw three police officers on bikes. Two of them were cautiously watching as people ran between the Pokestops, unsure of what to think of the activity. The third explained out loud that this actually started during his shift on Friday, and there had never been so many people in this area in the evening before without an event happening somewhere nearby.

By far the most amazing part of all this is how few of these people ever go to tech blogs for news about anything. Not one of these people could tell me what a Nexus phone was, or which Samsung phone got the latest updates. These are people playing a game, having fun, and looking to share those experiences with other people. Personally, I’m looking forward to giving those people new things to read.

Pokémon Go

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T-Mobile is offering free Galaxy On5 or Galaxy J7 for all lines on select plans

T-Mobile is offering up free Samsung Galaxy phones to all lines on qualifying plans as part of its latest promotion. Customers who are on the 6GB or 10GB family plan will be able to get a free Galaxy On5 or Galaxy J7 through 24 bill credits. Each line on the plan will be eligible for the promotion, and it applies to new accounts and existing customers on these plans.


From T-Mobile’s announcement:

Plus, with this epic deal, families can get 4 lines with up to 6GB of LTE data per line – 24GB total – for just $30 a line per month. Adding a line is just $20 more per month. And, absolutely everyone in the family can get a brand new Samsung Galaxy On5 – which normally sells for $140 – after monthly service credits during 24-month no-cost finance agreement. That means, you’ll see a credit for the cost of the free phone on your monthly wireless bill, and after 24 months, you’ll have paid nothing for the phone, except sales tax, and will owe nothing more.

Data-hungry families also can get up to 10 gigs of high-speed data per line for just $40 a line for the first four people in the family, and just $30 for everyone else. Plus, everyone can get a Samsung Galaxy J7 per line on us, which normally sells for $240. And, those gigs go even further on the Un-carrier network, since the kids will be able to stream all the music and video they want from their favorite services without burning their high-speed data with Binge On and Music Freedom and roll forward any unused data for use up to a full year later with Data Stash, up to 20GB per line.

The promotion begins on July 13, and T-Mobile just states that it will be available for a limited time, with no specific end date mentioned. Will you be taking T-Mobile up on this offer for any lines on your account? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


The best Pokémon accessories to complete your experience

Tired of heading out to capture all the Pokémon in regular clothes? Wish you could look a bit more like Ash Ketchum? Well, fear not. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a variety of new accessories and more to complete your experience.


Whether you want the hat, pins, or some movies to have around the house for a rainy day, these are some of the best you can order now.

Ash Ketchum Hat

See at Amazon


That’s right, while out and about catching them all you better be found in an Ash Ketchum hat. The iconic white and red hat with the big green C on the front is one of the several in his rotation, but likely one of the most well-known versions. It is adjustable so it can be sized to fit your head, and the back of it has the Pokemon logo. You can pick one up at Amazon for less than $7.

Poké Ball Belt

See at Amazon


Sure, you may be catching your Pokémon in an augmented scenario, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend that you are hunting them in real life. This belt features two Poké balls, two 2-inch figures and two attack tags for the ultimate capturing experience. Amazon is currently offering the set for just $20.

Pokémon Gym Badges

See at Amazon


Pins are always fun to have around since you can just swap them between outfits and show your passion in a subtle way. These gym badges come in a collectors gift box, and are a great way to sport a little bit of Pokémon each day. The set includes 8 different badges, and you can pick them up for around $10 at Amazon.

Pokémon Water Bottle

See at Amazon


Staying hydrated is very important, especially when out taking those long walks to catch all the Pokémon. Sure, you could grab a plain bottle of water and head out, or you could sip in style with this sweet Squirtle bottle that holds 24 ounces of water. Don’t let dehydration get in the way of your success, especially when you can pick one of these up for under $15.

Pokémon Backpack

See at Amazon


When heading out to catch Pokémon you’ll need a way to carry around all your essential items while keeping your hands free to play the game. What better way to transport your spare battery, water bottle and other gear than a nice Pokémon backpack? The adjustable straps will allow for maximum comfort and the three component areas will let you keep things easily accessible. You can pick one up for less than $20 at Amazon.

Team Rocket T-Shirt

See at Amazon


Want to show your support for Team Rocket while out and about catching all the Pokémon? If so, there is no better way than this awesome t-shirt which is available in both black and white with a red R on it. Sizing runs from Small to 5XL and the price ranges from around $5 to $20, depending on which size you place the order for.

Pokémon Collectors 4-Film Set

See at Amazon


Need something to occupy your time on those rainy days where you can’t walk around and collect more Pokémon? Well, what better is there to do than sit down and watch the 4-film DVD set of Pokémon movies, right? The set includes Pokémon Heroes, Pokémon 4Ever, Pokémon Destiny Deoxys and Pokémon Jirachi Wish Maker. Amazon is offering the set for just $5, which is a steal.

Universal Bike Mount

See at Amazon


Walking around to collect all the Pokémon or hit all the Pokéstops can take a long time, but it can go much faster on a bike. Unfortunately, riding while holding your phone and trying to battle can be a difficult task. Luckily, a universal bike mount holster will solve that issue and let you safely ride around town and catch them all. Depending on your phone size, you can get one at Amazon anywhere from $8 to $20.

Your favorites?

Do you have a favorite Pokémon accessory that isn’t included here? Drop a comment below to let us know what is your must-have Pokémon accessory!

Pokémon Go

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Google increases international roaming speeds on Project Fi to attract new subscribers

Google has announced that Project Fi subscribers will be able to take full advantage of high speed data in more than 135 destinations. The company noted in an official blog post that most smartphone owners who travel abroad opt for local SIM cards or to forego mobile access over paying out for carrier charges. Project Fi hopes this move will attract those customers who wish to use their phones abroad without worry about bills when landing back in the U.S.


Noting the addition of Three to the Project Fi network, Google revealed that speeds offered on its experimental network are up to 10-20 times faster than before when travelling abroad. As an added bonus, subscribers to Project Fi still do not require to pay extra for this bump in speed (or net access overall). It’s simply $10 per 1GB as the company charges within the U.S., on top of the $20 per month for voice, tethering and SMS.

As an added bonus, the company is offering $150 off the Nexus 6P for the next week should you purchase one and activate it with Project Fi. (The Nexus 6P promotion kicks off at 1p.m. ET.)

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The best Canadian Amazon Prime Day deals


Get Amazon Prime, get some deals.

It’s Prime Day in Canada! Well, it’s [Prime Day] everywhere, but Canadians finally get the opportunity to brag about some decent deals after watching their American counterparts benefit from regular sales.

This year, things are different. We’ve scoured the entire sale list to find the best deals Canadians need to know about!

$599 – BlackBerry Priv


You don’t need to be told that, if you’re Canadian, you’ve been overpaying for the BlackBerry Priv from day one. Blame the weak Dollar. Now you have an opportunity to buy the device for a decent $599, which is the lowest we’ve seen. This is the same model, the STV100-1, that sells directly from BlackBerry’s online store, which means it comes with wireless charging, and updates directly from the company.

See at Amazon

$84.99 – CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit – 32 GB Edition


Anyone wanting to get started with Raspberry Pi needs to take a look at the CanaKit version, which comes with a 1.2Ghz quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI output. $84.99 CAD, a $15 discount.

See at Amazon

$279.99 – GoPro HERO Session Camera with Memory Card, Head Strap, and Wi-fi Remote Bundle


At $279.99, this is a pretty good deal on a tiny action camera bundle. The GoPro HERO Session isn’t the company’s best-quality camera, but it’s certainly the most compact. This particular bundle comes with a remote, 32GB microSD card, and basic head strap mount.

See at Amazon

$349.99 – Xbox One 500GB bundle


This bundle includes the current Xbox One console, along with physical versions of Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition, Fallout 4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and a digital code for one of the following game:

  • Forza Motorsport 6
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
  • Rare Replay

The bundle also includes a wireless controller, and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold coupon.

See at Amazon

$99.99 – Blue Yeti USB Microphone


A great deal on one of the best USB microphones on the market. If you’re looking to get into podcasting, voice-over work, or game streaming — or you just want something cool to look at on your desk — this is a great option.

See at Amazon

$14.99 – Habor Cardboard 3D Virtual Reality 3D Glasses VR Headset for Smartphones


Don’t be fooled by the name: this is basically a Google Cardboard with a strap. But at $14.99, it’s not a bad deal, especially since, because of its strap, it’s a lot easier to use while walking around.

See at Amazon

Did we miss a deal? Let us know in the comments below!


Best phone deals you can find on Prime Day!

If you are in the market for a new phone, you won’t want to miss out on these deals that are part of Amazon’s Prime Day! Whether you are looking for a high-end phone or just something to have around as a spare, odds are that you can find a deal that is worth purchasing for you.


You won’t want to wait long as these deals are only good while quantities last today, July 12. Some of them include:

  • Nextbit Robin – $239
  • LG G5 – $579
  • Honor 5X – $120
  • Moto X Pure Edition (32GB) – $249
  • Nexus 6P (64GB) – $403

You will need to be a Prime member to get the prices listed above. If you aren’t already a member of the service, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to be able to take advantage of the deals. Have you seen any other deals that are worth noting? Let us know which in the comments!

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Curiosity awakens from nap to resume full operations

Curiosity is back to work on Mars after it shut itself down due to a software glitch on July 2nd. Even though tech support for the rover is nearly 60 million miles away, NASA scientists weren’t too worried about the issue. As suspected, the cause was found to be a “software mismatch in one mode of how image data are transferred on board.” However, other means are available to transmit image data, so the team powered up the rover on July 9th and will simply avoid using the problematic mode.

Here I go again on my own. Down the only road I’ve ever known. Out of safe mode—back to work

— Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity) July 11, 2016

Curiosity has gone into safe mode several times before, all back in 2013. However, the previous glitches were more serious, as NASA actually had to restore its software systems from a backup. The mission was recently extended for two years to let the robot make more breathtaking discoveries and hopefully even spot some water.

It could be extended even further, but it’s hard to say whether we’ll get Opportunity-like endurance out of Curiosity. The nuclear-powered robot’s plutonium-238 power supply could last up to 15 years, but it’s likely that its batteries or other parts will break down first. Many scientists think that if it’s still going when the Mars 2020 rover arrives on the red planet, that would be a great outcome.

Source: NASA/JPL

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