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June 25, 2016

Recommended Reading: How the ‘Final Fantasy’ film helped Hollywood

by John_A

The ‘Final Fantasy’ film bombed,
but its motion capture
revolutionized Hollywood

Jordan Zakarin,

The animated Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within film may not have been a success in terms of earnings, but the movie did provide some useful insight for motion capture. Inverse takes a look at the film’s influence on filmmakers and realistic computer-generated characters despite its less than stellar reputation.

The strange and lucky tale of the man who made Prince’s last guitar
Nick Mafi, Vanity Fair

Guitar maker Simon Farmer discusses the music icon’s last guitar (that he never got to play) and who he thinks should be the one to use it.

Hitting the virtual roads of ‘Euro’ and ‘American Truck Simulator’ with retired truckers
Richard Moss, Rock Paper Shotgun

Impressions of a truck-driving simulator from former truckers are perhaps the best way to judge the merits of the game.

So you think you love Earth? Wait until you see it in VR
Sarah Scoles, Wired

The Overview Institute wants to give folks on the ground the psychological effect of seeing Earth from space. And it’s hoping VR can help do just that.

This dark net brothel makes finding sex as easy as hailing an Uber
Patrick Howell O’Neill, The Daily Dot

A Russian website called Dosug displays a map of available prostitutes nearby. All you have to do is grab your wallet.

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