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April 22, 2016


by John_A



It’s not quite an all-out overhaul yet the new Marshmallow update looks the part and is filled with some superb tweaks and improvements that will go a long way in boosting the overall quality of your current Android 6.0 smartphone. The latest version of Google’s software is filled with welcome enhancements that include an OS clean up, more internal storage and superior battery life.

It’s been nearly 6 months since version 6.0 was unleashed on the market, notably onto various Nexus devices, and then slowly but surely a whole host of other devices have been receiving the update. With the arrival of the previous update came plenty of excitement which unfortunately as users familiarised themselves with turned a little more into slight frustration and added disappointment. Thankfully, with the release of Android Marshmallow the majority of bugs and more undesirable elements of the previous update have been given a much needed facelift.

Marshmallow is set to polish up your smartphone in many ways boasting lots of brand new features and developments. First up Google Now has been significantly improved and is pretty much present at every corner on the new operating system. What makes it all the more better than previous efforts is its focus on understanding the actual context of your searches and requests.

There’s an all-round smoother app experience on the latest update which is great for gamers in particular and those who enjoy online gaming and playing online casino sites such as The smoother experience allows players to play slots without the interference of lag and jittering. For those app lovers who fill their phones to the brim with various games will be pleased to hear that managing storage on their smartphone will be easier than ever. The new OS will give users a chance to keep a closer eye on the space they’ve used especially thanks to a much more efficient interface. Coupled with its new Doze feature, which will automatically detect if your phone is inactive and not moving and adjust applicable settings in order to preserve battery life, Marshmallow looks set to be Google’s most impressive OS update to date.

Apple Pay has been a big highlight of recent Apple smartphone releases and now Marshmallow users will be able to utilise Android Pay. It allows you to pay for goods and services in-store wirelessly and more securely with the use of a virtual-based account number and also allows you to keep track of all your past transactions and purchases using the Android Pay app.

As already mentioned there are plenty of improvements on the Marshmallow update just as much as there are new and exciting features to enjoy. One of which is the addition of a new System UI Tuner which allows you to pick and choose which info you want included across the top status bar. And there’s even a nice little add-on text box below the lock screen that will allow users to create their own personal message.


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