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March 30, 2016

Free Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming summer

by John_A

Microsoft has announced it will be releasing an “Anniversary Update” this summer bringing a number of new features to Windows 10 giving new life to the operating system just 8 months after it was first released. 

Boasting over 270 millions users using over 500 difference device designs, Microsoft has promised a number of new features for the new update that was previously dubbed Redstone, but used it’s Build developer conference in San Francisco to highlight Windows Ink, it’s in built software for the Pen found on the Surface 4. 

Windows 10 will now get a dedicated ink apps workspace accessible from the desktop or lock screen that will let you get to your “pen friendly” apps quickly.

The main focus of the new features will try and better integrate the pen with everyday use of the device including your fingers. 

That includes everything from using the pen with a ruler controlled by multi-touch, as well as, being able to use it on a map in Bing to determine distances for example. 

Giving more power to the pen, a number of apps across the platform will also get new Windows Ink tools and capabilities including users now being able to edit documents in Word by crossing things out with Windows Ink. 

The company also confirmed that Windows Hello that will allow users to unlock devices, apps, and protected sites on Microsoft Edge without a password using their fingerprint as well as suggesting that Cortana would get more features in the new update. 

The Anniversary Update will also be rolling out to Xbox One bringing a universal store, Cortana to the Xbox One, and much requested features, according to Microsoft, like background music on the console. Microsoft says that more details will come at E3 in June. 

The update will be free to all Windows 10 users later this year. 

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