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March 29, 2016

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III superzoom boasts 24-600mm zoom and 1-inch sensor size

by John_A

It wasn’t so long ago that Sony released the second-gen Cyber-shot RX10 – a camera, ultimately, similar to the original superzoom in that range. But it’s all change with the RX10 III (which you might see called DSC-RX10M3 on some sites), which embodies a 24-600mm lens – tripling the capabilities of first- and second-gen models – and 1-inch sensor size for optimum quality.

Having that extra focal length on offer does mean the maximum aperture takes a slight cut as the zoom extends: although at 24mm it can achieve f/2.4 wide-open, that stops-down by one and a half f-stops to an f/4.0 maximum at the 600mm equivalent. Still, that’s none too bad considering the focal length.

In plain English, if you’re looking for optimum quality and the ability to shoot in dim conditions using fast apertures, then the RX10 III sets out its stall to achieve all that. The new lens goes the extra mile too, with Optical SteadyShot stabilisation and a close-up shooting mode that functions 72cm from the subject when at the full 600mm equivalent zoom.

It’s a superzoom that promises yet more too, including a trio of lens control rings to handle focus, zoom and aperture value individually. If it’s hands-on you want, it’s hands-on you get here.

Elsewhere the features are familiar to the previous RX10 models. There’s the top quality from the stacked 20.2-megapixel sensor which, as eagle-eyed camera enthusiasts will see, is the same one as found in the RX10 II model. No bad thing, as we were rather fond of that.

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Sony’s Fast Intelligent AF autofocus also makes its return, but not it can – according to Sony – focus-lock onto a subject in as little as 0.09-seconds. Speedy.

It’s not all about stills, though, with a 1000fps slow-motion video capture option available or, if you want ultra-crisp higher resolution, then 4K capture.

As superzooms go, the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III sounds like one of the most formidable we’ve heard about for some time. But it’s not exactly a snip, given it’s £1,250 price tag. Release date is April, whereafter we’ll bring you more distinct information in the form of a full review.

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