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March 8, 2016

Verizon Galaxy S7 unboxing

by John_A


Death, taxes and unboxings. Three things in life that are as certain. On that there can be little discussion. If something is in a box, it must someday be let out of the box.

This is the Verizon model of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Or, rather, it will be once we take it out of the box. And inside this GS7 box you’ll find a couple surprises. And plenty of Verizon bloatware. But also a couple good things.

So here it is. Our Verizon Galaxy S7 unboxing.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

  • Galaxy S7 review
  • Galaxy S7 edge review
  • Galaxy S7 edge with Exynos: A Canadian perspective
  • Here are all four Galaxy S7 colors
  • Details on the Galaxy S7’s camera
  • The SD card is back on the GS7
  • Join our Galaxy S7 forums

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