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March 4, 2016

SpaceX will attempt to another launch and sea landing today

by John_A

SpaceX has been trying to launch a Falcon 9 rocket tasked with carrying a communications satellite for over a week now. After a few scrubbed attempts, the company will give it another go this evening. Today’s launch is planned for 6:35PM ET at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Similar to previous tries, SpaceX hopes to successfully deploy the SES-9 satellite before landing the rocket at sea. Thus far, the company hasn’t been able to nail the landing after three attempts — the last of which was foiled by a landing strut failure.

Elon Musk & Co. aren’t optimistic about completing the maneuver this time either. In a press release about the launch, SpaceX noted “given this mission’s unique GTO profile, a successful landing is not expected.​” However, it does mean that, success or failure, there’s sure to be a livestream worth watching when the launch actually happens. Hopefully another boat won’t venture into the safe area later today. You can follow along here when the time comes.


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