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September 28, 2015

Customers will be able to custom build Droid Turbo 2, report says

by John_A

We haven’t yet heard much about the sequel to last year’s Droid Turbo.  If you’re on the Big Red network, the Turbo was one of the best Android offerings in 2014, packing top-end specs and a hefty battery.  Now that Q4 2015 is around the corner, you may be wondering what the successor will bring to the table.

Our buddies over at Phandroid were kind to share some alleged details about the upcoming launch of the Droid Turbo 2.  First up is that it is said to have Moto Maker support this time.

Moto Maker is Motorola’s nifty online smartphone customization tool, allowing the customer to specify phone body and accent colors to their heart’s desire.


Although Moto Maker has been around for a couple years, the original Turbo only got Verizon-specified appearances, with the dark/industrial Droid themes.


It would be logical that the Turbo 2 still rocks those interesting chassis materials (metallized glass fiber with kevlar reinforcement or ballistic nylon), to differentiate it from other phones.  We’re unsure how Verizon will handle the customization when buying at the store vs online.  Moto Maker is an online-only tool.

As far as specs, this is what has leaked so far:

  • Display:  5.43″ QHD
  • SoC:  Snapdragon 810
  • Memory:  3GB RAM
  • Storage:  32GB/64GB internal (no word on microSD support)
  • Cameras:  21MP rear and 5MP front
  • Battery:  3,760mAh

There are a couple of interesting things to note here.  The Turbo 2’s display is said to be “Shatterproof”.  It is suspected that this means there will be extra measures of reinforcement to insure the glass is well protected.  There isn’t such thing as unbreakable glass.

Also, the battery capacity slightly shrunk from last year.  From 3,900mAh to 3,760mAh.  The use of the Snapdragon 810 is also interesting.  We have yet to see a phone use Qualcomm’s 820 chipset.  It’s looking more and more that we’re going to have to wait until next year.

The Droid Turbo 2 is expected to launch on Oct. 29th, with an official announcement on Oct. 15th.  Let us know what you think about it so far.

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