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LG G Flex 2 can be yours for just $250, in new condition!

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Last month well-known Ebay seller qualitycell offered up the LG G Flex 2 for just $290 in brand new condition. That was a hell of a price for a Snapdragon 810-powered device that isn’t even quite a year old yet. If you didn’t jump on it then, you’ll be happy to know it is back for even cheaper at $250!

While the LG G Flex 2 is attractive, if a little odd looking, it has a bit of reputation problem that has probably helped push its price tag down. When the device first hit the market, it was associated heavily with all the 810 overheating drama, and many reviews noted that LG’s UI was more than a little sluggish (ours included). Through a combination of throttling (something we are, unfortunately, seeing on all 810-based devices to at least some degree) and bug fixes in the software, the LG G Flex 2 is reportedly a much more stable and enjoyable device than when it first shipped but the damage to its rep is already done.

If you aren’t trying to win any popularity contests for your phone and simply want something with 2015-level specs that should last you a while, it is hard to ignore the G Flex 2 at this price. For those keeping score, this significantly undercuts even low-cost champions like the OnePlus 2, OnePlus One, and the Moto X Style (aka Moto X Pure Edition). The pricing is instead more on the level of the Asus ZenFone 2 or the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, and yet should easily outperform both of them.

While the version up for sale is designed for AT&T, and thus carries its branding, an unlocked code is included and the phone is in brand new condition. For those that need a refresher, in addition to a Snapdragon 810 processor, the phone offers 3GB RAM, a 5.5-inch 1080p curved display, 32GB storage with microSD, and a 3000 mAh battery. The front cam is a 2.1MP shooter, while the rear is a 13MP OIS camera with laser autofocus and support for 4K recording.

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Not sure if the G Flex 2 is the phone you’ve been dreaming of? Be sure to check out our full review for a better idea of what to expect. Again keep in mind that since the review, LG has issued a few software updates that has improved performance. Any current G Flex 2 owners out there? What do you think of the experience these days? Better than when it first came out, or are you still experiencing issues?

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Google Slides gets ongoing notification controls, Sheets gets better chart management in latest update


Google is constantly working to bring big improvements to its productivity applications on Android, and that’s been made pretty apparent over the past few months. Starting today, Google is bringing some more notable updates to its Slides and Sheets applications, which will make both apps much easier to use.

If you’ve ever used Google Slides and had a security code in place on your Android device, you’d know that unlocking your phone each time you need to advance your presentation can get extremely annoying after awhile. Now that won’t be a problem anymore. With the latest update, when you use Slides to present to a Chromecast device or a Google Hangout, a notification will stay on your phone’s screen – even when it’s locked. Once you click on the notification, you’ll get options to move forward or backward through your slides, or to exit your presentation entirely.

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Also along with this update is the ability to easily switch to video when presenting to Hangouts in Slides for Android. All you need to do is tap the video camera icon at the top of your screen. You can pin other Hangout participants, too.

Sheets is getting some improvements as well. With the new update, you’ll be able to easily insert charts and change their type from within Sheets. For instance, if you’re trying to insert a bar chart from Explore, you’ll now be able to quickly change it to a column chart directly within the application. Take a look at the screenshot below for a better look at this new feature:


If you’re interested in grabbing the latest versions of Google Slides and Sheets, head to the Play Store links below for the downloads.

Download Google Slides from the Play Store
Download Google Sheets from the Play Store


Video Review: Logitech’s ‘Blok’ Case Lineup for the iPad Air 2

With Apple neglecting to update the iPad Air 2 during its fall 2015 event, accessories for the device will continue to be relevant and in-demand for the foreseeable future. We went hands-on with Logitech’s new Blok case lineup for the iPad Air 2, which debuted in July under its new Logi brand name.

The simplest of the three cases, the Logi Blok Protective Shell, fits around the back of the iPad and changes the shape of the tablet, adding sharp corners and a blocky feel. The corners are designed to absorb shock better should the iPad be dropped, and we thought the Blok offered a lot of protection while leaving ports accessible and buttons easy to press.

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The Blok Protective Case is a lot like the Shell, but it adds a built-in flap that serves as a stand. We were impressed with the stand because it was rigid and stable, but we did find the flap hard to manage when it wasn’t in use as a stand.

The third case, the Blok Protective Keyboard Case, combines the shell and stand from the two previous cases with a detachable keyboard. Because the keyboard attaches to the rest of the case via magnets, it’s highly versatile and can be used in several ways. The keyboard itself is smaller than a standard keyboard though still pleasant to type on, but we weren’t a fan of its non-rechargeable batteries.

All three of the Logi Blok cases come in multiple colors and can be purchased from the Logitech website for the iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 2, and the iPad mini 3. The Blok Protective Shell is priced at $39.99, the Blok Protective Case is priced at $69.99, and the Blok Protective Keyboard Case is priced at $129.99.

Note: MacRumors received no compensation for this review.


Verizon becomes first US carrier to offer roaming in Cuba

Buoyed By iPhones Sales Verizon Reports Stong Earnings

Verizon announced on Thursday that it will begin offering call, text and data access to customers visiting the Caribbean nation as part of its Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option. The plan will charge $3 a minute for voice, standard international messaging rates and a whopping $2.05 per megabyte. That means you’d be on the hook for more than two grand if you used a gigabyte of data while on the island. At those rates, you’d be better off bringing a pocket full of change and taking your chances with a public pay phone. This announcement comes on the heels of T-Mobile’s declaration that it is expanding its Simple Global plan to 20 more countries (though not Cuba).

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EA removes female players from ‘FIFA 16’ after NCAA eligibility concerns

EA is no stranger to issues with the NCAA, and this time FIFA 16 women’s rosters are the culprit. The gaming studio announced today that following an NCAA notice, it would remove 13 players from the game that are currently on or “likely” to be on college rosters. “We believe this decision denies these 13 athletes the opportunity to represent their countries in the game, but we have removed them from FIFA 16 to ensure there is no risk to their eligibility,” EA said in a blog post. While EA didn’t compensate those players for appearing in the game, the NCAA says that including them would still jeopardize their ability to take the pitch for their respective schools. The group of players that won’t make the game includes six players from Canada, six from Mexico and one from Spain (detailed info here). All 12 women’s national teams are now playable with EA Access Play it First Trials.

Via: VG247

Source: Electronic Arts


ABC News introduces VR initiative with 360-degree tour of Syria

Syria, Damascus, Umayyad Mosque

ABC News is experimenting with immersive journalism. On last night’s episode of their news program, Nightline, viewers had the option to watch an accompanying 360-degree video piece on their mobile phones or computers. The in-depth story, by reporter Alexander Marquardt, took viewers on a virtual journey through Damascus, Syria, where curators are struggling to protect the country’s antiquities from destruction. The network collaborated with Jaunt VR, a California-based studio that creates live-action virtual reality experiences, to produce the video that was shot on a special 16-camera device.

“This rare access also included the streets and historical sights of Damascus, now largely cut off from the outside world,” said James Goldston, president of the news network in a staff memo. “Alex and his team explored those streets with one of Jaunt’s stereographic cinematic VR cameras, documenting the city’s sites – historical treasures now in peril.”

VR as a journalistic tool is expected to bring in a sense of presence and empathy among viewers. This immersive news feature, that is now available for download on both iOS and Android phones, epitomizes the potential of the technology. As part of their new initiative, this is the first of many projects that ABC News VR hopes to roll out. They plan to employ the same technique for Pope Francis’ upcoming visit and possibly the 2016 Presidential race in the U.S.
ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

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BBC will launch a streaming service in the US next year

Sightings On Set Of Dr Who  -  June 10, 2015

Fans of the BBC who live in the States are about to get another way to watch the network’s shows. The BBC plans to launch an online subscription service in the US next year, providing eager viewers across the pond access to stream on demand. While the network didn’t get specific on the shows that’ll be included with the OTT service, director general Tony Hall did say that the slate would include content US viewers “wouldn’t otherwise get.” There’s already a BBC America channel that’s part of pay TV packages in the US, and some shows stream on Netflix and Hulu. BBC’s iPlayer was available in 16 countries outside of the UK, but it never made it to the US before it was shuttered in May. At this point, it’s unclear if the service will provide access only to BBC America or if it’ll include the larger library of BBC shows and movies. As is the case with new streaming services, the monthly cost and content library are sure to figure into effort’s success.

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Source: Reuters


Nextbit announces Verizon-ready Robin smartphone

Nextbit today confirmed that it will offer a CDMA version of its upcoming Robin smartphone starting September 18. According to the phone maker, the handset will be compatible with Verizon’s network. As for pricing, Nextbit says the first 300 units will be available for $299 after which its Kickstarter price will go up to $349.

Robin is for people who are tired of the status quo and crave something with more personality.

Nextbit is also running a contest to let Kickstarter supporters choose a color combo specifically for the crowd-funded variant of the Robin. All Kickstarter backers of the Robin can suggest colors however Nextbit will trim it down to five and then let the funders vote. The Robin is currently offered in mint-white and dark blue “midnight” colors.


Nextbit Kickstarter


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Google app v5.3 brings Now On Tap support to M Dev Preview 3

Google_Marshmallow_NowOnTap_DevPreview3_091715_1Google Now On Tap is one of the most anticipated features of Marshmallow. Recently, Google rolled out update v5.3 to its Google Search application. This will bring Now On Tap support to those running the M Dev Preview 3.

Now On Tap has gotten many really excited for the next iteration of Android. We’re expecting Marshmallow to release publicly at the end of the month when Google announces its 2015 lineup of Nexus devices. Users can access Now On Tap by holding down on the home button. The feature will allow users to obtain information of what’s on the screen at that given moment. Therefore, making research and visibility to quick facts and answers really easy. Google showed us some examples of this at this years I/O conference. The feature displays details such as recommended apps, people details, location details and even the time of the next movie showing at a nearby theater. Google_Marshmallow_NowOnTap_DevPreview3_091715_2

According to Android Police, Now On Tap is a little buggy and often causes crashes; however we should see improvement to performance when it comes time for the final release. September 29 can’t come soon enough.

Via: Android Police

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Snapchat scores valuable content coming from the NFL


Within the last seven days, the NFL has experienced unsurprising success. The combined average of 19.9 million viewers across NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN gave the league its most-watched opening week ever. Content coming from the NFL is arguably the most valuable in the world. People, no matter where they are located, cannot get enough football. Facebook was recently a partner of the NFL’s, but the social networking site was dropped after not giving up control over ads to the league. So that left an opening for another service to step in.

Snapchat is next in line to start generating NFL-related content.


The NFL’s new partnership with Snapchat takes advantage of the latter’s Live Story feature. The two are coming together for weekly programming that contains content from each of the NFL’s thirty-two teams. Advertisers will also have an opportunity to join the NFL machine by being a part of their NFL Live Stories. Here is how the NFL describes it:

Each NFL Live Story, curated by Snapchat, will provide an experience that captures the energy and excitement from various NFL locations and events. A mix of fan-submitted Snaps* and official inside access content will be featured in each Live Story so that each is told from both a fan and League perspective with many different points of view. NFL and Snapchat will offer brands the opportunity to advertise within the Live Story.

This is not the first time that the NFL and Snapchat have worked together. Earlier this year at the 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago, the NFL produced a Live Story that was viewed by nearly 15 million people. The NFL states that the partnership is about increasing accessibility and consumption of “some of he most valuable content in the entertainment business.” So if you thought football was just a sport, think again. The league has become somewhat of a weekly television series.

Source: NFL

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