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September 26, 2015

Nexus 6P presentation leaks in entirety, confirms nearly all the rumored specifications

by John_A

Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_1A slides presentation just surfaced in its entirety containing the majority, if not all of the specifications for the upcoming Nexus 6P. The leak also includes high quality renders, new features and more.

Apparently, the Nexus 6P hasn’t leaked enough in the past few weeks. Today, just about all the specifications for the upcoming handset was released free into the wild. The Nexus 6P made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei will feature slightly higher-end specifications when compared to the LG made Nexus 5X. It will also be the larger of the two with its 5.7-inch WQHD IPS-LCD display. The design has been described as a metal unibody, slim and sophisticated. Users will get the toughest build out there when it comes to the screen which will boost Gorilla Glass 4. It will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdargon 810 processor v2.1. The amount of RAM is still up in the air, but one could expect to see a minimum of 3GB for this handset. Other specs include high-resolution front and rear-facing cameras that can be activated via a tap of the newly included rear mounted fingerprint scanner. Just in case you didn’t know, Android 6.0 will be making its debut with this one. The handset will boost a large 3,450mAh battery that is non-removable. Type C is also included with ultra-fast charging capabilities and faster data transfer speeds.

The Nexus 6P’s design matches recent leaks and will support dual front-facing speakers. The camera is said to bring fast auto-focusing and improved low light photo taking. The handset will weigh a total of only 178g. Nearing the end of the presentation, Google reminds us about some of the newest features included with Marshmallow such as Now On Tap, new app permissions, a new fingerprint API and better power consumption with dose and app standby.

The handset will come in a variety of color options such as aluminium, graphite, frost, and gold. However, the choices may vary depending on your location. Storage options include 32GB, 64GB and the whopping 128GB many were hoping for. Unfortunately, there has been no word on pricing, but it’s rumored that pre-orders will go up on October 13. Google will hold the conference on September 29 in San Francisco, where is will announce the Nexus 6P alongside a LG manufacturer Nexus 5X. Updated Chromecast models are also expected. Screenshots of the entire presentation have been included in the gallery below. Whose excited?

Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_1
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_2
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_3
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_4
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_5
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_6
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_7
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_8
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_9
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_10
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_11
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_12
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_13
Google_Nexus 6P_presentation_slides_Android6.0_092615_14

Source: Imgur
Via: Android Police

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