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September 14, 2015

AT&T brushes off Verizon’s 5G announcement as a hype

by John_A


Don’t get too excited about the prospect of 5G technology coming at your disposal anytime soon, AT&T Mobility chief Glenn Lurie cautioned technology enthusiasts, adding that the fifth generation wireless technology was still years away from taking its final shape.

Verizon created a flurry of excitement last week when it announced that it would begin testing 5G next year, and suggested that the technology may begin rolling out in early 2017. Lurie, however, finds the idea premature.

“We’re not at a point to be making promises or commitments to customers as to what 5G is. We as an industry have been really good at over promising and under delivering when it comes to new technology,” he was quoted as saying at the CTIA wireless conference last week.

While AT&T may have brushed off its competitor’s 5G announcement as a “hype,” a Verizon representative told CNET that the company had full support from industry players and equipment vendors to help it move to the newer technology.

“Innovation happens when you’re willing to look at things a little differently than others, and you’re willing to put in the hard work to make your vision a reality,” a Verizon representative said.

If you use the current LTE technology, you must have noticed its faster speed in comparison to most home broadband connections. The 4G technology allows you to download a 700mb movie in approximately six minutes, but the 5G is expected to be 50 times faster – making it capable of downloading a similar size movie in just 15 seconds.

Source: CNET
Via: Engadget

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