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Motorola Moto X Play now available in the UK


Motorola has just listed the Moto X Play as available to buy through Moto Maker on Motorola’s own website.

Motorola announced the Moto G (2015), the Moto X Style, and the Moto X Play during its event a couple of weeks ago. The only device immediately available was the Moto G, with the Play set to launch some time in August and the Style some time in September.

The device is £279 for the base 16GB model, and £319 for the 32GB variant. Buyers could begin receiving their units as early as this week.

Anyone picking up a Moto X Play?

source: Motorola

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Google and TP-LINK introduces new Wi-Fi router OnHub


Google, in partnership with TP-LINK, has introduced a new Wi-Fi router called OnHub. Say goodbye to the tiresome days of slow and insecure routers, as this is a “new way to Wi-Fi,” Google says.

Normally routers are hidden in a corner, usually due to the unpleasant design. Unfortunately, they function best when they’re out in the open, free of obstructions.

OnHub was designed to be an elegant looking router so that it blends in with your home. The search giant got rid of unruly cables, instead favoring subtle and useful lighting and control through an Android and iOS app called Google On.

OnHub aims to search airwaves for the best possible connection to eliminate frequent disconnects and interruptions. You want your home network running at top notch quality, and OnHub aims to accomplish just that.

Click here to view the embedded video.

There’re also options to prioritize a device on your network with OnHub, allowing you to get the fastest speeds for the most important tasks in your home, whether that be work related or streaming movies in the evening.

OnHub is currently available on a variety of online retailers for $199.99. However, many of these retailers list the router as out of stock. It should come to brick-and-mortar retailers in the coming weeks.

OnHub is certainly an interesting device from Google, and certainly not expected. It’ll no doubt function best on Google’s Fiber networks, too.

Anyone plan on picking up OnHub?

source: Google

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Humble PC & Android Bundle 13 arrives, 3 of the 7 games are brand new to Android

Humble PC & Android Bundle 13 has landed, bringing you seven games in total, all of which include both PC and Android versions. Even more exciting, three of the games in the bundle are brand new for Android users!

The three new-to-Android titles are Crimsonland, Beatbuddy, and Neverending Nightmare. The first of these is a top-down shooter, the second is a rhythm-type adventure game, and the final one is a survival horror game. The other four titles are Fotonica, TinyKeep, Monster Loves You!, and Crowntakers.

In the usual Humble Bundle fashion, you can pay absolutely any price and get the first four games listed above. To get all seven, you simply need to pay above the average at the time you purchased the bundle. Currently, that’s just a little under $3. Even better, Humble Bundles always get additional titles as time passes, so paying the average now locks you in for more goodies in the near future.

For more details on the bundle, you’ll want to head on over to Humble Bundle’s website. What do you think of the latest bundle, and the new Android titles in particular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


America’s giant robot needs funding to fight Japanese rival

It turns out that giant robot duels are really expensive, as America’s MegaBots team has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $500,000 in its fight against Japan’s Kuratas. It was MegaBots group (aka Team USA) that demanded the battle in the first place, and Japan gladly accepted on one condition — the fight must be “melee” hand-to-hand combat. However, that constraint has upped the costs for Team USA. To accommodate melee instead of robot paintball, they need to give their robot more speed and add heavy armor plating, more firepower, better hydraulics and a new power unit.

The cost of that comes out to a Michael Bay-worthy $500,000, but the MegaBots team is hoping for more. When the Kuratas group accepted the challenge, they said “come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it is… super American.” Ideally, Team USA wants to raise as much as $1.5 million to get new weapons systems, dynamic balancing, life safety systems (“safety, 4th, folks,” they said) and a Hollywood paint-job makeover. If the funds come through, the team will work with NASA and DARPA Robotics Challenge runner-up ICMC Robotics on those systems.

As of this morning, the group has raised nearly $50,000 toward the $500,000 goal, so the campaign is off to a promising start. You can chip in as little as $5 to get a shout out on MegaBots’ website, or up to $5,000 to pilot MegaBot yourself and even punch a car. The top $10,000 tier will get you into the pit crew, where you can watch the assembly, testing and Kuratas battle in person. There’s still no word on the exact time, date, location or how folks will be able to watch it (pay-per-view?). Both teams, however, want their ‘bots to end up damaged or destroyed — and given that they weigh a combined 27,000 pounds and stand 27 feet tall, we’re not planning on missing that fight.

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Chrome add-on helps you watch Netflix with friends


If you’ve ever wanted to watch Netflix with someone not in the same room as you, here’s your chance. Thanks to a new Chrome extension called Showgoers, people can now share a viewing experience from afar by linking their Netflix accounts. It works fairly simple: once the users’ info is entered, you click the Showgoers button and it sends an invite to whoever you want to watch a movie or TV show with in real-time. The person on the other end then receives a URL, clicks and, in a matter of seconds, the synced programming will begin automatically — you can play, pause or start something else anytime. Keep in mind that Showgoers is a public beta, so you may encounter some hiccups along the way. Still, the developer says “it generally works great.”

According to Showgoers, you must follow these steps for the extension to work smoothly:

  • Be signed into their Netflix account before opening the invite URL.
  • Have installed the Showgoers Chrome extension.
  • Open the invite URL in Chrome.

[image credits: AFP/Getty Images]

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The US won’t end its internet oversight for another year

Soundtrack of Our Lives' "Throw it to the Universe" album

If you were looking forward to the US relinquishing its internet oversight at the end of September… well, you’ll be disappointed. The Department of Commerce has delayed the transition by “at least” a year. Simply put, the community isn’t yet ready to take the reins — it won’t have time to both submit and implement its plans, which need a government rubber stamp to go ahead. The breathing room should give ICANN and friends a smoother transition that keeps the internet’s domain name system out of the hands of governments and other parties that might want to limit free speech or privacy. There’s no certainty that this the last delay, but the Commerce Department can extend its ICANN partnership for up to three more years if there’s a particularly serious logjam.

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Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming is about to look a lot better

Remember that “very high” streaming video setting Reddit users found hiding in the Windows 10 Xbox app? It’s available to all users right now. Today Microsoft announced that the app’s August update would enable game streaming from Xbox One consoles to Windows 10 PCs in 1080p and 60 frames per second. Nice.

Starting today, users with strong home networks can activate “very high” quality streaming under the ‘game streaming’ section of the app’s ‘settings’ menu. The update crams in a bunch of other handy features too, including the ability to right-click users on your friends list to send them a message, new notification preferences, the ability to compare achievements, a new grid view for the My Games section and the ability to add PC games to your game list via a drop down menu. Check out the full list of changes at the source link below.

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Fossil unveils its Intel-powered Android Wear watch, flat-tire display in tow


Typical Fossil mechanical watches.

We’ve known for a while now that watchmaker Fossil was planning on entering the smartwatch game with its own Android Wear-powered device, but today we are finally getting our first glimpse at the new smartwatch.  The watchmaker to took the stage at Intel’s Developer Conference to show off three new wearable devices, actually: a fitness band of sorts, a semi-smart watch, and a full-fledged smartwatch that is powered by Android Wear and will be the first of its kind to utilize an Intel processor onboard.

At a glance, the watch looks a little like a cross between the LG Urbane and the Moto 360, borrowing the same controversial flat-tire-look as the latter watch. It’s unclear what kind of band or finish choices Fossil will offer on the final product, but the model shown off on stage was equipped with a black leather strap and a fairly standard silver metallic finish.

Of course what we are really dying to know is the specifics of hardware, battery life, pricing, and release timeframe. Unfortunately, no such luck just yet. All we know for certain is it will come in at least a few different color combos and will arrive “in time for the holidays”. Based on the little we know about the Fossil Android Wear watch, what do you think so far? Does the black bar turn you off or are you unconcerned by it?


Moto X Play hits Moto Maker in UK, shipping by August 26th


While Motorola fans in the US only have one Moto X variant to choose from, those in the UK are being treated to two options this year. The higher-end Moto X Style is at the top of the totem, but the Moto X Play is equally intriguing thanks to its lower price tag and larger battery. For those interested in the latter, it is now up for order through Moto Maker.

Just like the Style, the Moto X Play is fully customizable through the Moto Maker service, letting you pick between a black or white front, and a number of different colors for the rear and accents. You’ll also be able to add a custom engraving for an additional fee, as well as a custom boot-up message. When it comes to specs and performance, the Moto X Play sits somewhere between the Moto G (2015) and the Moto X Style. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 615 with 2GB RAM and packs a 5.5-inch 1080p display. You’ll also have the choice between 16 or 32GB storage with microSD for further expansion.

As previously alluded to, the real story with the Play is the battery. At 3,630mAh and with rather modest mid-range specs — we expect this phone to easily last a day or two. For those that are looking for a long-lasting phone with enough power to provide a solid Android experience, even if not quite at a flagship level, the Moto X Play is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Those who order the Moto X Play will be set back £279 for the 16GB model or £319 for the 32GB version, with VAT and shipping costs baked into the pricing. The phone is estimated to arrive around August 26th.


Google launches new WiFi router by the name of “OnHub”

Don’t we all love setting up modems? Just a few cables and settings, and you’re sorted! Well, no. We’ve probably all had problems with them somewhere along the line, and it can be very frustrating not having Internet. And that’s how Google created OnHub: With simplicity in mind. It’s supposed to be as simple as the shape of the router, round and sleek.


Google claims that “The Google On app guides you through an easy-to-follow setup, so you’ll be online in minutes”. You’ll still need a cable or two, but thats nothing really. The router twists open to allow access to ports and cables. Once you’ve connected up the hardware, you can go and download the dedicated OnHub app, which allows you to setup your router. This is not your usual setup method and it’s supposedly much easier to setup than conventional routers. Google also mentioned how most people put their routers near the floor which hinders performance. The tall design and sleek look means that homeowners are more likely to put it higher up on a table, which will increase performance.

Once connected, you’re able to see an overview of your network, like how many devices are on your WiFi and how fast your network is. You’re able to prioritize connected devices, which means you can set which phone/s has the faster connection on the network. There are 13 antennas within it, 12 are for the normal signals which its sends out in all directions and the 1 to detect congestion. There are many different features, go have a look at them at Google’s OneHub page.

For $199.99, you can grab it from various retailers. There are two colors, blue and black, although you’ll need to order from Google or TP-Link in order to get the black. Only pre-orders are currently open, so go ahead and order one; they’re expected to come out within the next few weeks.

UPDATE: The router is currently sold out. Looks like it’s in good demand! Why don’t you try again later?

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