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Disney explains why its 3D animation looks so realistic

Baymax from 'Big Hero 6'

Have you watched 3D-animated Disney flicks like Big Hero 6 and wondered how some of its scenes manage to look surprisingly realistic? Today’s your lucky day: Disney has posted a top-level explanation of how its image rendering engine, Hyperion, works its movie magic. The software revolves around “path tracing,” an advanced ray tracing technique that calculates light’s path as it bounces off objects in a scene. It takes into account materials (like Baymax’s translucent skin), and saves valuable time by bundling light rays that are headed in the same direction — important when Hyperion is tracking millions of rays at once. The technology is efficient enough that animators don’t have to ‘cheat’ when drawing very large scenes, like BH6‘s picturesque views of San Fransokyo. Although Disney’s tech still isn’t perfectly true to life, it’s close enough that the studio might just fool you in those moments when it strives for absolute accuracy.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo confirmed to get Lollipop

If you’re the owner of a Galaxy Note 3 Neo, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Samsung haven’t forgotten you when it comes to Android 5.0. Despite Android M being right around the corner, Samsung took to Twitter to confirm that the device will receive Android Lollipop in the UK.

The new software will be Android 5.0, so it is already woefully out of date, but an update nonetheless from the Android 4.4.3 the device is currently running.

Included in the update for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo is a redesigned recent apps menu, new lock-screen card notifications, easier accessible quick settings, and improved battery life.

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MotoMaker customization options for the Moto X Style

The Moto X Style was announced last week along with the Moto G and Moto X Play. Unfortunately, the Moto X Play does not appear to be coming to the US, but the Moto X Style will make an appearance under the name of Moto X Pure Edition according to Motorola’s US website.

The Moto G is already on sale now, and we are well aware of all the color combinations available for the Moto G. What we weren’t to sure about was what color options will be available for the Moto X Style/Pure Edition.

Today, I am happy to share with you all of the 18 color inlays, 7 accent colors and 3 frame options that will be made available for the Moto X Style. MotoMakerOptions

As you can see, there are 4 leather options, 4 wood options and 10 CSR options for the back of the Moto X.

CSR, coated silicon rubber, is a soft grip back that is meant to have a soft feel and a warm look. The silicon was created specifically to resist discoloration and keep its color throughout time so that you can choose the brightest color and have confidence that it won’t lose its color.

The four leather options still come from the Horween tannery just like last year’s leather options.

Looking at the graphic above, what color combinations would you pick? I am thinking a cabernet CSR backing with dark gray accents just like I said I would pick for the Moto G. I just happen to really like purple, and I am not apologizing for it!

Source: MotoMakers Group

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You can download the OnePlus 2’s wallpapers right here


People will not be able to purchase the OnePlus 2 until August 11 (invites required, of course), but the handset’s wallpapers are already available to download. The company detailed the default wallpaper, Hans, a few days ago before posting twenty-five wallpapers online. There are apparently twenty-seven wallpapers shipping with the OnePlus 2, though, and that means two of them are missing on OnePlus’ site. OnePlus did not explain each and every wallpaper. Instead, the company noted that they cover different genres for everyone.

Hit the break for the gallery to download the wallpapers.

  • Select a wallpaper from below
  • Open the wallpaper in a new tab
  • Save to get full resolution


Source: OnePlus

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Hitchhiking robot lasts just two weeks in the US

Hitchbot at Niagara Falls

Hitchbot might have made it across Canada, but it appears that the US wasn’t quite so kind to this mechanical traveler. The hitchhiking robot’s American journey has ended after a mere two weeks thanks to a vandal attack in Philadelphia. While the team behind Hitchbot vows that its experiments with artificial intelligence and human interaction are “not over,” it’s clear that this nomad isn’t about to resume its cross-America trek all that quickly. You’ll hear more details on August 5th — here’s hoping that this includes plans for Hitchbot to bum rides once again, whether it’s in the States or abroad.

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TENAA certifies Oppo A51kc with 5-inch display


The Oppo A51kc received certification from TENAA. The device is a watered-down version of the Oppo A51, which released last month.

The A51kc will come with a 5-inch qHD (960×540) resolution. It will be powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, and 1GB of RAM is on board. The rear side of the device will boast a 8MP camera and the front will include a 5MP for selfies and video chats. The device will come with 8GB of internal storage, and be expandable via a micro-sd card slot.

Android 5.1.1 pre-loaded with Oppo’s Color OS 2.1 on top of it.

The upcoming device measures 7.65mm thick and has a mass of only 160g. The only color option known at this time is white.

More information on the device will be available in the coming days.

Via: MobiPicker

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[Deal] Verizon’s LG G4 comes with a $100 Visa prepaid card through August 12


This is not the first time we are hearing about a deal on the LG G4. LG has teamed up with many partners in the past offering a variety of deals associated with buying an LG G4. This time around, LG is partnering with Verizon.


From now through August 12, Verizon is giving a free $100 Visa prepaid card with every purchase of a new LG G4. The deal is available online or you can claim it at the carrier’s retail stores.

Source: LG [Verizon]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo confirmed to get Lollipop in the UK

Galaxy Note 3 Neo White

On Twitter, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note 3 Neo will be getting the Lollipop software update in the United Kingdom shortly. Samsung stated that it hasn’t forgotten about it and is currently working on it.

The new build, based on Android 5.0, will include the Material Design overhaul and 64-bit ART compiler that makes apps open faster. It will also come with updated features such as a redesigned recent apps menu, new lock-screen card notifications, easier accessible quick settings, and improved battery life.

This will only be the second update the handset has ever received since it launched with Android 4.3 out of the box, the current build is Android 4.4.3. Thus will be a pretty sweet update.

Source: Samsung UK (Twitter)
Via: YouMobile

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IndyCar racers use LEDs to show their positions in real-time

An IndyCar racer with an LED position display

It’s sometimes hard to keep track of positions in an IndyCar race, especially if you’re in the stands and don’t have the luxury of a broadcaster or data stream to point things out. Never fear, though: as of this weekend, the league’s cars are carrying LED panels that display the driver’s race position in real-time by working in conjunction with timing lines embedded in the tracks. They’re also smart enough to switch to pit stop times, so you’ll know if that tire swap is running too long.

The technology is getting its first proper shakedown at the Mid-Ohio race on August 2nd (today, if you’re reading this in time) at 1:30PM Eastern. However, some teams already see potential problems. While the LED array is only 0.11 inches thick, it’s still adding small amounts of weight and wind resistance to the car. There’s also a concern that pit crews might be distracted with a display just inches away from where they’re working. They may not have much say in the matter, mind you — IndyCar is a spectator sport at its heart, and the sacrifices might be justified if they help fans make sense of vehicular chaos.

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Honda looks to developers to make its robotic stool useful

Honda has always been more than a car company. In addition to its car and motorcycle business, it also manufacturers marine vehicles, generators, a weird robot and even planes. To keep that spirit of just making as much stuff as possible alive it introduced the Uni-Cub personal mobility system in May 2012. It’s been refined since then, but it’s still not something you can run down the dealer and purchase. Honda is looking to developers to expand the its use cases beyond rolling you around a museum with an upcoming API for the rolling bar stool. Slideshow-308697

Quick ride on the Honda Uni-Cub

The Uni-Cub remote API will be released by the Honda Developer Studio this fall. Interested developers will be able to remotely control the vehicle’s speed and directions. At the grand opening of its Silicon Valley R&D studio it demoed a Uni-Cub being controlled by hand gestures using a Leap Motion. It was a nice demo, but developers could potentially give the little chair another life including using it for guided tours without rider input, adding a bin to it and having it deliver office packages, or pairing it with a VR headset and playing the world’s slowest yet fully immersible car racing game. Or better yet, a very slow jousting game.

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Honda Developer Studio

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