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April 25, 2015

Google sends a Glass-like mystery device through the FCC

by John_A

Google sign

Google might have just hinted at the future of its Glass headsets. The company has sent a mystery “smart BLE” (Bluetooth Low Energy) device to the FCC for approval, the A4R-CAP1, and there are a few telltale signs that it’s one of Mountain View’s wearables. Most notably, the product’s digital FCC label (shown below) not only looks a lot like a Glass interface card, but requires that you swipe to see it — that suggests a touchstrip, as you’d use on Google’s eyepiece. Mentions of an Android-like firmware revision and a battery help, too. There’s the possibility that this is another gadget that simply happens to use Glass-style navigation, but that seems less than likely. Don’t be surprised if you’re eventually plunking CAP1 on your head.

Google's A4R-CAP1 FCC digital label

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Source: FCC

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