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Android 5.1.1 builds spotted for the Nexus 9 and Nexus 7 2013


With Android 5.1 out for most GPE and Nexus devices, attentions have moved on to the next version of Android and it looks like Google is getting ready to deliver. While not as exciting as the idea of Android 5.2 or 6.0, it looks like Google is readying 5.1.1, at least for two devices so far.

The Nexus 9 doesn’t have 5.1 officially yet but it looks like Google has 5.1.1 testing on the tablet under build LMY47S. The WiFi Nexus 7 2013 is also testing a 5.1.1 build under LMY47W. The 5.1.1 build is present on so it will be interesting to see if this rolls out officially here soon. The builds are from Feb. 16, and we’re not sure if we’ll see a newer build officially drop.

We’ll keep you posted if and when they do.

source: Android Police

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Frederick’s of Hollywood closes stores in shift to web-only sales

Frederick's of Hollywood Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009

One of the big names in bedroom wear is closing all of it’s retail stores and moving forward on the web. Frederick’s of Hollywood announced this week that it plans to close all of it’s physical shops and transition to an online-only business. The name might be synonymous with lingerie and other intimates shopping for some, having been around for decades, but Frederick’s fell way behind the competition — like Victoria’s Secret and others. Moving from brick-and-mortar locations to just selling goods on the web is a move we’ve seen before, and it’s becoming increasingly more common. However, not being able to benefit from curious foot traffic means a massive shift in marketing, which some experts believe was Frederick’s problem in recent years.

[Image credit: Steve Rhodes/Flickr]

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Source: Los Angeles Times


Disney Research has a 3D printer that can sew bunnies for you

3D printing has resulted in solid solutions like cartilages, organ replicas and even tortoise shells. But Disney Research now has a printer that can create soft, bendable objects – think 3D printing stuffed toys. The mechanics of the printer are similar to conventional machines that use plastics or metals, except this one works with fabric to create flexible and functional objects. Most additive 3D printers are designed to deposit materials in a specific spot, but fabric requires an alternative technique that imitates sewing or layering.

The researchers came up with a two-step printing process suited to fabric. First, a laser beam cuts through a sheet to create 2D shapes. The process retains the fabric surrounding the designated shape so it’s easier for the sheets to sit on top of each other in the next step. Every laser-cut sheet is then layered and fused together with a heat sensitive adhesive that’s commonly used in sewing. When printing is complete, the excess fabric is peeled off to reveal the object. For now, the researchers printed a bright red bunny prototype that demonstrates the cuddly possibilities and also a touch sensor with conductive materials that could join the next generation of interactive devices.

[Image credit: Disney Research]


Source: Disney Research


Japanese maglev train breaks its own world speed record

Maglev Train

The Central Japan Railway company reports that its magnetic levitation bullet train topped 366 miles per hour on Thursday during a test run along a length of test track in the Yamanashi prefecture. This was enough to break its own 12-year-old, 361 mph world record set back in 2003. The train reportedly carried 29 engineers during its run. Unfortunately, the record is only expected to last until next Tuesday when JR Central hopes to spur the magnetically-propelled commuter train past 372 mph (600 kph).

Also unfortunate is the fact that normal passengers will likely never be able to experience these exhilarating speeds — unless something goes horribly wrong. The rail company plans to limit the trains to a pokey 313 mph for regular service when they come online in 2027. But even at these speeds, commuters could make it from Tokyo to Nagoya in about 40 minutes (less than half the time today’s fastest bullet trains require). The company even has aspirations to export this technology to America — specifically as a high-speed rail line running between New York City and Washington DC.

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Via: Wall Street Journal

Source: JR Central (Japanese)


Alcatel OneTouch’s 5.5-inch Idol 3 now available for early pre-order for just $199.99

alcatel onetouch idol 3 aa 31

Alcatel OneTouch recently announced its first global flagship smartphone, the Idol 3, at MWC 2015. The company originally revealed that the 5.5-inch device would eventually become available for just $249.99 off-contract, but it looks like early adopters of the phone now have the opportunity to save some cash. From now until Tuesday, April 21st, you can pre-order the 5.5-inch Idol 3 for only $199.99. Once 11:59pm PDT on Monday, April 20th rolls around, the price of the phone will go back up to the original price of $249.99. Folks who pre-order the device before the official launch will start receiving their phones mid- to late May. The company hasn’t revealed any availability information regarding the 4.7-inch variant.


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For just $200, the 5.5-inch Idol 3 is a really good smartphone. It has a 1080p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, 16/32GB of on-board storage with MicroSD expansion up to 128GB, a 13MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. You can purchase a dual-SIM version, which only comes in the 32GB model and activate it on either T-Mobile or AT&T’s networks. On the software front, the device is running a heavily skinned version of Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. For more information, check out our initial hands-on and first impressions post.

For those who’d like to pre-order the Idol 3, you can do so by heading to Alcatel OneTouch’s site or Amazon. Both of these retailers will sell the phone for $249.99, and all other retailers will sell the device for $279.99.


OnePlus announcing ‘something’ on April 20th


OnePlus has certainly had its share of ups and downs in its relatively short history. While the company managed to garner a lot of attention for its “flagship killer” since its initial announcement last year, it has also suffered from several PR mishaps, complaints over its invite system, delays in updating to Lollipop, and the list goes on. Still, at the end of the day, the OnePlus One remains one of the most affordable high-end flagships out there and has managed to win over a number of fans, despite some hiccups along the way.

Looking forward to what’s next from OnePlus in 2015? If so, you’ll be excited to know that OnePlus has started sending out very plain looking invitations to an event on April 20th, alongside a message stating “From here on out, anything could happen.”

The most obvious assumption would be that this event will focus on the OnePlus Two, but recently OnePlus CEO Peter Lau noted the OnePlus Two is anticipated for third quarter of this year, so unless they’ve pushed things up, it seems less likely they’d be showing it off this early. That said, OnePlus has hinted on more than one occasion that a second phone will be debuting this year, one that may focus on style over flagship-level specs, so maybe they will be announcing it ahead of the OnePlus Two. Of course, it’s just as conceivable that they are entering a new product category, or doing something new with sofware. Or maybe ending the invite system for god? One can hope. After all, “anything could happen”.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for further comment and will update this post if and when we hear back. What are you hoping to see from OnePlus at their upcoming announcement/event?


Android 5.1.1 references surface on Google’s own site

Nexus 9-2

Google just recently began rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop within the last few weeks, but there may be another software version already on its way sometime soon. The next version is Android 5.1.1, and it was recently found running on the Nexus 9 and Wi-fi Nexus 7 (2013) model on Google’s Android Audio Latency information page. The Nexus 9 is running build number LMY47S and the Wi-fi Nexus 7 (2013) is shown running build number LMY47W. We’ve attached a screenshot below so you can see for yourself.

Android Audio Latency

We can’t be sure that an official rollout will happen within the next few days (or weeks for that matter), but since Google is openly flaunting the new version on its own website, it’s tough to imagine we’re too far away from 5.1.1 rolling out sometime soon. There’s been no leaks or rumors about what exactly 5.1.1 will bring, but we’re sure it has something to do with bug fixes.

The Wi-Fi Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 were among the last of the Nexus devices to receive the update to Android 5.1. The Nexus 7 just received its update a few days ago, and the Nexus 9 is still stuck on Android 5.0. We’re hoping a rollout happens sometime soon, because the Nexus 9 needs a boatload of bug fixes.


WWDC 2015 Lottery Ends, Winners Begin Receiving Confirmation Emails

Developer demand for Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference always exceeds ticket supply, so Apple holds a lottery to determine which developers will win the chance to go to the conference. This year, Apple accepted lottery entries from April 14 until today, April 17, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

Now that the lottery has ended, Apple has begun sending out emails to developers who were selected and has charged their credit cards the $1,599 ticket price. Developers who won are currently sharing their good fortune on Twitter after receiving order confirmations.


This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference starts on June 8 and will run through June 12 at Moscone West in San Francisco. More than 1,500 Apple engineers will be on hand to host over 100 technical sessions and hands-on labs. The event is also likely to include a keynote to unveil new products, and it will include the annual Apple Design Awards.

At WWDC this year, Apple is expected to unveil the newest versions of iOS and OS X — iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. There have also been rumors suggesting the event could be used to unveil a new television service, a revamped Apple TV set-top box, and a rebranded Beats music service.

Developers who are unable to attend or who do not win the ticket lottery will be able to watch several live streams of WWDC sessions that will cover a wide range of topics from the iPad and iPhone to the Apple Watch and MacBook, along with other Apple products and services.


App of the Day: TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2015

Baseball has long been called one of America’s favorite pastimes and today you can enjoy it without having having to get out of that comfy chair of yours. Our App of the Day is Tap Sports Baseball 2015 and it provides the user with a fun, digital way to experience the age old sport.

Tap Sports Baseball gives the user the ability to choose from real MLBPA players which gives the game a more authentic feeling as nobody likes just choosing random generic players (well, we assume no one) After you choose your players, you can play against random people from all over the world or challenge your friends for a more local rivalry. Whichever route you decide to take, the game is sure to please any and all fans of baseball. For more information regarding Tap Sports Baseball 2015 you can follow the link below.

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Jay Z is calling Tidal users to personally thank them for signing up

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

In addition to signing on a roster of big name artists to help lure new subscribers, Jay Z is handling some of the customer service duties as well. Mr. Carter is calling folks who signed up for Tidal’s music streaming service to personally thank them. It sounds odd, but the company confirmed to us “that’s 1000% true.” He’s not the only one, though, as Tidal executive Vania Schloge told Business Insider that Jack White and others are calling subscribers, too. Using one of the services’ features, artists can log in and see exactly who is listening to their music alongside contact info for those people. It’s certainly a personal approach, but one can wonder if that star-packed relaunch didn’t provide the boost in new subscriptions the company hoped. Of course, being a part owner of the project is certainly motivation to get more involved. I just wonder if Jay Z used a video phone.

[Image credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

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Source: Business Insider

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