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April 16, 2015

App of the Day: Handpick

by John_A

I am sure that many of you remember when Instagram first came out, since that is the day that food was photographed more often than it was eaten. Never did you think that pasta could look so good with that Crema filter and just a slight color adjustment. Food photography has slowed down a slight bit since then, but many of those dishes would make a great home-cooked meal if they included the recipe for it. If only there existed an app that had access to all of that data and could present it to the user via a friendly searchable interface. (Spoiler ahead: There is..)

Handpick is wonderful tool that (according to the developers) has access to over 100 million socially shared dishes that are now available to you, the user. Handpick allows you to search for certain dishes, lets say pasta or steak, and it will then show you hundreds of images and recipes that are sure to impress even the most staunch connoisseur. Handpick also has a popular tab category, so you can see what is currently being searched and selected the most, just in case you do not have anything in mind per say, and are willing to live life on the edge. Handpick is a great app for food lovers, and more information regarding the food app can be found using the widget below.


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