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November 7, 2014

Test build of Android 5.0 leaks for the Galaxy S 4

by John_A

S4-LollipopEarlier this week Samsung confirmed that the getting-long-in-the-tooth Galaxy S 4 would, in fact, receive Android 5.0 Lollipop. Of course we’re curious about how that will look on the device and today we get to see a sneak peek. Like the Galaxy S 5, SamMobile was able to score an internal build of Lollipop for an S 4 and as such, made a video for it.

According to the gang at SamMobile, the build is far from complete and the build is nowhere close to being ready for daily driver status. As such, you won’t see a leak of this build. However you’ll see a sneak peek of the OS in action.

Click here to view the embedded video.

What we see from the video is Touchwiz optimized for Lollipop. Samsung has brought a few features from the S5 and Note 4 to the S4 too. You’ll see the My Magazine launcher and the popping colors lockscreen. System apps have also received a material makeover. The build that this S4 is running is an older build (LRX02E) and not  the final Lollipop code base (LRX21M). Given that it’s an early build, there’s probably a whole hell of a lot to be added between now and the release of the update for Samsung devices. 

source: SamMobile

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