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Facebook wants to handle your workplace chats

Facebook employee walking past a company sign

Your office may try to keep you off Facebook right now, but you may have a genuinely work-related reason to hop on that social network in the near future. Sources for the Financial Times understand that the internet giant is developing “Facebook at Work,” a professional take on its familiar formula. It’ll reportedly look like the regular page, but will focus on chatting with coworkers, connecting with business partners and collaborating on documents. On the surface, it sounds like a cross between Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Drive.

The company isn’t commenting on the apparent leak, but you might not have to wait long to try it out. Facebook employees have reportedly been using the work-focused site for a while, and a handful of outside companies are now giving it a try. There’s no telling whether or not the service will displace the likes of LinkedIn, assuming the leak is accurate to begin with. Nonetheless, it’s easy to see the appeal of a work-safe Facebook that omits all the iffy photos and status updates that you’d rather not share with your colleagues.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu]

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Source: Financial Times


Noom Coach Integrates with Google Fit


Since 2012, Noom Coach has been the #1 grossing health and fitness app available on Google Play. This app allows users to track their workouts and diet all in one place. Recently the developers at Noom, Inc. have updated their app with Google Fit integration. This is a huge gain for Noom Coach users that want to track their weight loss along with more aggressive training being tracked in other Google Fit apps like RunKeeper.

On its own, Google Fit has not wowed user’s since its debut. Issues like poor performance and inconsistent stats have kept this from being one of the Mountain View search giant’s better releases. It is, however, insanely powerful. Opening Google Fit to third party developers will allow access to data from apps, like Noom Coach, to be aggregated into one place. Allowing Noom users a single pane of glass to view all their data should be huge for the app’s future success.

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Photo Editor by Aviary gets revamped by Adobe – $200 FREE Limited supplies


You already know about Adobe’s Creative tools and the diverse applications they provide now even for Mobile. Considering the mobilisation of many industries previously, the Creatives are yet to get fully-functioning apps for their mobile platforms which are just as powerful as their PC version. This is the problem that Adobe have been looking for in the past few years and taking baby steps towards creating a seamless connection between the PC and Mobile using their Creative Cloud.

Finally the very first app is here which empowers you to do the same and guess what, you already know it. It’s our very own Photo Editor by Aviary that’s getting updated to access Adobe Creative Cloud services. This is the result of the acquisition of Aviary by Adobe and from now on, Aviary will be budding from inside Adobe.

Coming on to the update, which is the sweetest release of Photo Editor yet by Aviary (Sounds familiar?), it features a new revamped interface along with some new highlights. You now get Stencil overlays which you can apply on your pictures for new and unique images. The Overlays will be updated with new effects, stickers and frames from time to time. Sky is your limit!

They have also included Vignettes effects on mass request from users. You can place light or dark vignettes over your photos with the option to customize the shape, size and intensity. New photo adjustments including Highlights, Shadows, Tint and fade gives you freedom to achieve the perfect look for every photograph.

As I said, you can now store your supplies on the adobe’s creative cloud and for this November only, you are getting Aviary’s range of awesome effects, stickers, frames and overlays for FREE when you sign in to Photo Editor with your Adobe ID. And it’s not just “any” offer you see everyday. The whole package is worth $200. How awesome is that?

Overall, it’s a nice thing that two people in the same industry working towards the same goal are collaborating and it makes sense. Expect to see more frequent updates from Aviary now that the acquisition is finally done and Adobe is pulling the strings. Also, if you want to become a beta tester, you can join their Android or iOS beta groups so they can extract some invaluable feedback and direct their future actions accordingly.

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Motorola’s march toward mobility

We owe a lot to Motorola and its team of inventors and engineers. The company made breakthroughs in portable radio and brought us one of the first-ever cellphones. It launched the flip phone, the clamshell and the wildly popular RAZR V3. There have been some ups and downs along the way, and the company’s endured more than its share of corporate hand-changing, but with its Moto series and Nexus 6, it’s now back amongst the smartphone elite. In this week’s Rewind, we take a look at some of the milestones in Motorola’s quest for portable communicators.

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Add Mega Photo fun to your photos! (review)

Mega Photo App

Twists, twirls, spins, and pinches doesn’t necessarily refer to baking swirly cakes or that we’ve taken a sudden interest in mega-thriller roller coaster riders. However, photo enthusiasts now have a way to transform photos and videos with a free app called Mega Photo! The app packs numerous FX and breathes new life into your photos in amazing ways.

Once the app is opened, users can see in real-time which one of hundreds of free special FX they would like to add to their photos. This app also allows for recording video. After taking a picture or adding an fx, users can share their photos and videos across a variety of social media services (Facebook, Youtube, G+, etc.). Mega Photo is definitely an app that provides plenty of appeal for those seeking alternatives to their stock camera.

What we like:

  • Users can select live or still images (from the camera gallery) and apply the FX.
  • The ability to see how the photo will look in real-time before snapping away.
  • Users can switch to either the rear or front facing camera. Selfie photos will now have that extra pizzazz.

What we dislike:

  • While it is a free full-featured app, there are some FX that needs to be purchased.
  • Not many options to be able to adjust the settings. What you see is what you get.
  • Users have to scroll through many pages in order to find and use their favorite FX. It would be nice to be able to bookmark or save a favorite frame.

Mega Photo adds a whole bunch of photo fun for capturing the moments and is a free download on Google Play Store.


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Could Scout be the solution to “Generation Tardy”?


Telenav, developers of the app Scout that aims to streamline event creation by making it easier to manage and keep in contact with your invitees, have recently unveiled the results of a recent consumer survey targeted towards revealing the “common pain points of get-togethers” that the recently updated Scout app will aim to alleviate.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the short-attention span of the young adult generation (thanks to new information/games, and therefore potential distractions, being available at any and all times (I too unfortunately fall into this category, hard)), it is the “millenials” who struggle most of all to arrive on time to events. According to the survey, 1/3 of this age group said that as many as half of their friends tend to arrive late to events and meet-ups. As much as 30% of the general population, and nearly 50% of what Telenav dub “Generation Tardy” admit to telling their friends they’re mere minutes from the destination when they are in fact much further out.

The survey also backs up what many will likely hear from their parents on a frequently recurring basis, that they sleep too much, with 70% of the young adults having been late to a social gathering due to over sleeping (I once was meant to meet friends at a station an hour away at 2pm, and woke up at 3pm) compared to only 40% of the general population. The second most common cause of tardiness is eating, something 40% of the millenials have given as their reason, while only 22% of the general population admit to being late for this reason. The survey also proves that sex has become a higher priority for this generation of young adults than ever before, as 30% of respondents admitted to being late to a social event for this reason, twice as many as the general population.

Telenav, knowing that this generation spends most of their time glued to their smartphone (if you’re reading this on one I think I’ve proved my point), developed the app “Scout” to help prevent these problems from happening by allowing the creation of an event page that contains all the relevant information (much like Facebook’s Events page) as well as producing a group message thread to help keep everyone in contact. The app also features turn-by-turn directions and, what will appeal most of all to nervous hosts, uses location services to display each attendees’ ETA so your friends can never lie to you about how far away they truly are ever again.

Unfortunately one of the coolest features, from a party-goer’s standpoint, is only available on iOS at the current time. This features predictive traffic reports which will inform them of potential travel problems and offer an alternate route. However if you use Google Now, never fear! Simply input the event date and location in Google’s Calendar application, and the handy assistant will notify you when you need to leave, and inform you of the fastest way to get there using latest traffic reports.


If you want to give Scout a shot, and can convince all your friends to do the same, click the widget below to find it on the Play Store



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Huawei TalkBand B1 comes to the U.S.

Huawei TalkBand B1

You probably have heard about Huawei TalkBand B1 that was announced in MWC 2014. Yeah, it’s a great piece of hardware and innovation. Who could have thought you can wear the same thing on your ear as you do on your wrist. Indeed, an out-of-the-box yet successful thought. Chinese brands as opposed to their previous reputation are performing really well nowadays and even outclasses some of the big names now.

Well, the good news is that the Huawei TalkBand has come to US beginning November 14 through,, and Fry’s Electronics. The die-hard fans in the US can now revel as they no longer have to take the pain of importing it.

About Huawei TalkBand B1

TalkBand is a fitness tracker cum smartwatch cum Bluetooth headset and with its triple play, it basically is doom for every product in their respective categories. Following in the footsteps of Huawei’s Ascend Mate2, this hybrid smartband features sleep tracking, water and dust resistance, fitness tracking, 6 days battery backup*, Built-in USB and security notifications.

Fitness tracking includes steps recorder, miles covered and calories burned as well as the duration and quality of sleep and has a smart alarm to improve rest only waking you up in the light phase of your sleep. At the same time, it has a Bluetooth 4.1 wireless earpiece which enables seven hours of continuous calling. Syncs effortlessly with devices sporting Android 4.0+ and iOS 5.0+.

Availability and Pricing

It is available now starting November 14 in true black colour with more colours coming within the year. Priced at $129.99, you get a fitness-tracking, call-taking, music-streaming wearable. What more could you ask for?

*Really depends on your usage.

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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Glow-in-the-dark roads, lettuce factories and a liquid-filled lamp

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

Could the entire world someday run on solar power? The amount of energy that hits the Earth in just 40 minutes could fuel all of the world’s energy needs for a year — the trouble is harnessing that power. Check out this new infographic to see if it’s truly feasible. On the green tech and design front, Arturo Erbsman showcased his innovative liquid-filled lamp, which diffuses light with water condensation, at Belgium’s Biennale Interieur 2014 show.

Among the other green furnishings on display in Kortrijk was Marjan van Aubel’s solar panel-clad table, which delivers power to an integrated USB charging port. Etienne Reijnders took upcycling to a whole new level by transforming a pair of shopping carts into a sofa. In wearable tech news, a team of researchers developed a $60 wristband that enables blind people to navigate using sonar. Watch company Sprout launched a new line of eco-friendly watches that are made from corn resin, bamboo, cork, organic cotton, mother of pearl and conflict-free diamonds. And in a not-so-subtle statement about air pollution, fashion designers in China have begun incorporating gas masks into their designs at China Fashion Week.

It was a long time coming, but lower Manhattan’s $1.4 billion Fulton Transit Center finally opened to subway passengers last week. The LEED-seeking structure features a giant glass oculus that draws daylight into the building. In other transportation news, Swiss daredevil Francois Gissy broke the bicycle speed record by hitting 207 MPH on a rocket-powered bike. There’s nothing fancy about the bike (other than the rocket strapped to the back, of course) — it’s just a bicycle with a saddle to keep the rider from flying off. Speaking of bikes, the Netherlands just launched the world’s most beautiful bike path — a swirling, glow-in-the-dark road that sparkles like Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night paintings. Air travel currently produces about 5 percent of all CO2 emissions, but the geniuses at NASA are working to develop new technology that could reduce that figure. NASA scientists recently tested new shape-shifting flaps for airplanes that appear to be more aerodynamic than conventional aluminum flaps.

London’s River Thames could soon see a 1,200-foot-long, garden-filled pedestrian bridge. The “Garden Bridge” is a planted promenade with winding pathways elevated atop two fluted piers. The lush bridge was recently given the green light by London’s Lambeth Council, but it’s still awaiting approval from Westminster City Council. In other green design news, a team of students recently built a cloud-like translucent treehouse in southern Germany. The structure is made of breathable white polyester, and at night it’s illuminated from within. Libraries should be places that kids associate with fun, and in that spirit the design firm Anagrama recently built a new children’s library in Mexico with bookshelves that double as climbing structures. In Australia, designers from Neon recently installed a temporary art installation called the House of Mirrors, which is designed to disappear into the environment. The installation uses reflective surfaces to blur the line between the built and natural environment. And in San Francisco, Interstice Architects transformed a former auto-repair garage into a flexible, sunlit space that is any maker’s dream workspace.

In Japan, the tech industry is turning over a green leaf as flourishing indoor farms sprout in former factories. So far, farms have popped up in Sony and Fujitsu buildings, and now Toshiba is getting on board with a factory farm that can produce 3 million bags of lettuce every year. Love gardening, but cursed with the brownest of brown thumbs? Thanks to the folks behind the world’s first socially operated, indoor greenhouse, you may never have to lift a finger. The automated greenhouse lets you control all the key parameters recommended for plant growth, such as light cycles, ventilation, temperature, irrigation and soil pH. Continuing with the agriculture beat, European leaders have voted to allow individual nations to ban GM crops, even if they’re approved by the European Union. Things are moving in the opposite direction in the US: Last week, the USDA approved a genetically engineered potato, known as the Innate Potato. The new GM potato has “40 percent less bruise” than regular potatoes, and it doesn’t turn brown after it’s cut. And in some lighter news, people are getting so lost in the world’s largest corn maze, they’re calling police for help. The maze, located between San Francisco and Sacramento, spans 63 acres — and it normally takes four hours to complete.

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Nexus 4 Lollipop OTA Zip file now available to download and install


We saw the Lollipop factory image for the Nexus 4 (occam) land a couple of days ago, so we knew it was only a matter of time until the OTA Zip file was posted. Good news for this Sunday morning. It’s available right now for your downloading pleasure.

Updating via OTA route is preferred since you don’t have to worry about losing your data, assuming your device is locked. You should still backup your data however.

We have the download link below and be sure to check out our extensive guide on how to install this bad boy. You won’t find more detailed instructions anywhere else.

source: Nexus 4 (occam) From KTU84P to LRX21T

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Forget quadratic equations, play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ on your TI-83

The geniuses that guided Rosetta’s lander onto a freaking comet no doubt put their TI-83s to good use, but you know what the rest of us were doing with them? Yeah, playing Wolfenstein. Now you can misspend physics class with another game: Super Smash Bros. Programmer Hayleia managed to port it over to the TI-83/84, and even left the code open for anyone to modify. It has a great zoom effect to make better use of that low-res screen, though for now you’ve only got Fox and Falco to play with. Yes, yes, we know that there are brand new versions of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U (soon) with over 40 playable characters each, and you should totally try those. Meanwhile, you’ve got something to do (while appearing productive) when your trig prof hits a new level of boredom.

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Source: Haylei (Omnimaga)

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