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October 28, 2014 making theaters paperless with mobile tickets

by John_A

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You take your smartphone to the movie theater, so ditch the paper tickets. That is what wants you to do. The company has developed mobile tickets that make the entire experience of going to the movies much smoother. The new system does not even require phone displays to be scanned. An attendant will just have to take a look down at the phone’s display for specific security indicators. To prevent any fraudulent tickets, the security indicators are active and can be altered by the theater at any time in any way.


New Technology Eliminates Theaters Need for Costly Scanners

(Boca Raton, FL – October 27, 2014) –, a leading destination for the purchase of advance movie tickets, has modernized the way moviegoers buy tickets and enter theaters with a re-imagined mobile movie ticket that turns a smartphone into a ticket. The ticket can be quickly and easily validated by movie theater employees without the use of costly scanners. The solution allows moviegoers the convenience of skipping the ticket redemption process altogether. The company expects to pilot the technology before the end of the year.

The next generation mobile ticket, which will be available exclusively for customers, was developed in partnership with Bytemark. The pair leveraged Bytemark’s patented V3 (visually verifiable virtual ticket) technology in order to create the new mobile movie ticket experience. The technology is currently being successfully used today in the transit space with The NY Waterway in New York City, The South Shore line in Chicago, and Cap Metro in Austin Texas.

Joel Cohen, CEO of, stated, “Our new mobile ticket is a game changer. Not only will this make going to the movies more enjoyable for audiences, but it will also deliver enormous value to our exhibitor partners. This is another innovation that supports our commitment to providing customers with a convenient way of purchasing tickets with a streamlined process that demonstrates ease and security.”

Micah Bergdale, CEO of Bytemark, added, “Bytemark develops best-in-class mobile ticketing technologies. Through our partnership with, we have an incredible opportunity to showcase our V3 ticketing solution in the many markets where is an established brand and bring mobile ticketing to a whole new audience. In the months and years to come, we look forward to working closely with to bring new innovations to filmgoers everywhere.

The new process is completed in three simple steps: Users purchase a ticket, a virtual ticket is delivered securely to a mobile device, and moviegoers go directly to the ticket taker. The ticket is visually validated by the theater staff who will identify embedded security features uniquely customized to the film or the theater itself. Each ticket has several security features that include animated watermarks, touch animations and color changes. These security features can be changed as often as once per showtime and are concealed from users until the tickets are activated prior to the performance. This new technology will also include a virtual “tear” feature that will allow a user’s mobile device to act as their ticket stub during their visit to the theater.

For more information on the V3 mobile ticket and to sign up to receive notification of when V3 will be available in your area, please visit

About is a leader in advance movie ticketing with over 250 theater chains in its group, offering moviegoers a quick and convenient way to purchase tickets online, via mobile devices and at 877-789-MOVIE. The company currently enables remote ticketing for consumers across 22 countries/territories including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Fans can stay connected with through Facebook (, Twitter ( and YouTube (

About Bytemark
A New York City startup with offices in Chicago and the UK, Bytemark provides advanced mobile ticketing and payment solutions for transit, attractions, and events. Bytemark’s core product is an easy-to-use mobile ticketing system that requires little to no infrastructure investment. The Bytemark platform includes smartphone applications, back office management modules, and open APIs that provide an integrated mobile commerce experience. Bytemark is focused on providing its partners with the tools they need to navigate the rapidly evolving mobile ticketing industry. Transit in the U.S. has been underserved by the expansion of mobile technology, and Bytemark is working to bridge the gap between the transit industry and America’s growing technology sector. For more information, visit

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