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October 7, 2014

USB file transfer support comes in latest Chrome OS update

by John_A

Chances are many of you Android lovers out there also have a Chromebook. Whether you use it as your daily laptop, or just as your casual lightweight browser, it is something that you want to keep updated when updates go out. A new updated build of the Chrome OS is rolling to Chromebooks that brings along build number 38.0.2125.101 (Platform version: 6158.49.0). This update is rolling out for all Chrome OS devices, minus Chromeboxes.

MTP support Chromebook

Updates to the Chrome OS aren’t always HUGE deals, but this update brings in something that many have been itching for since Chromebooks first started landing in consumers hands, MTP support. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol and is what you need to make life simple when transferring images, videos and files to and from the Chromebook to and from your Android devices. MTP support on the Chromebook isn’t entirely new, but it is new to the stable channel of the Chrome OS. There for making it something the average user will love to have access too finally.

The update also makes mention of a set of features to enhance touch screen accessibility, for Chromebooks like the Lenovo N20p. They don’t give details on the posting, but they do in comments in the Git about the update. Many of which are beyond my understanding.

Source: Google Chrome Releases

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