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September 30, 2014

In-app purchase price ranges start appearing in mobile version of the Play Store

by John_A

Part of the Google movement to keep themselves out of potential trouble, and to make life better for consumers, was to start putting price ranges on app that offered in-app purchases. That change is set to start taking effect today and Google has delivered on it. At least to some degree.

Google Play StoreGoogle Play StoreAny app that is listed as offering in-app purchase will now show you the per item price or price range. It will be listed in the bottom after you click the “read more” button. In the instances above you can see the two are pretty broad, ranging from $0.99 to $99.99. Where apps that offer a single in-app purchase will list that price as a per-item with out the price range. The addition doesn’t go into any details on what you are able to buy though. In most cases in-app purchases are geared towards in-game currency to buy other items, levels or mods. Where as some are to remove ads, unlock the full version of the app or additional features. You would still need to install the app to find out what the price tags refer too. It is still nice to see a little bit of transparency and warning as to what you might be getting yourself into.

The changes are appearing on the mobile version of the Play Store, but I am not seeing them on the desktop version as of yet. I assume it is rolling out and will make its way there in due time. I certainly hope this is just a first step and that there will be more drilled down information in tow soon. Like, exactly what you will be buying, is it a bag of gems or access to 30 new levels? Mainstream users are pretty smart and we tend to know what to expect, but new users could find themselves confused or distance themselves from great apps simply because it looks like it will cost a ton of money to use it.

Was this first step the right step? Are you even more off put when you see an app with in-app purchases and then see the price ranges listed?

Side note: You can see developer addresses are starting to make their appearance as well.

Via Android Police

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