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September 30, 2014

Baidu Browser review

by John_A


When I think about browsing from a mobile device, my main concerns are reliability and speed. Can I access all of the content that I’ll come across given my traditional browsing routines? Trusting that I’ll be able to click links and know that my browser is capable of interpreting the content without having to go to a PC or open an alternate app is a real point of importance. How fast will I be able to access the content? I don’t want to wait around for standard pages and videos to load, forcing me to miss precious moments or bottle-necking my day. If a browser handles speed and reliability with competence, I’m a buyer. I recently tried Baidu Browser and can assure you that it delivers on both fronts.

Installation was relatively simple. There were a few added steps in the process that I felt could have been streamlined, such as installing its T5 engine on top of the initial application installation. It only added another 60 seconds to the process, including the required restart, so nothing to be too turned off by. The user interface is soft, clean, and easy on the eyes. It felt “fresh”, if an app could ever be visually described in such a way. Browsing was easy and intuitive. I was impressed with the integrated security which warned of malicious websites and content. I could really see this hitting home for folks with past experiences of identity theft or fraud.

Thanks to its built-in T5 engine, I did notice a slight speed advantage over my stock Android browser. I wouldn’t say it was anything, on its own, to cause you to convert but, given the other benefits, definitely starts the conversation. The quick links and most visited sections made accessing common pages very simple and could come in handy for users who have a browsing pattern. Privacy mode works much like incognito mode and is equally adept at hiding your history. One thing I loved was the night-mode which makes it easier to read or browse in the dark and conserves battery life. While it may seem trivial, I also really grew to appreciate and rely upon the integrated weather reporting. I found it to be a nice touch to the browsing experience and the devil, as they say, is in the details.

This browser does a lot of things right and very few, if any, things wrong. Over a half-million positive reviews on Google Play certainly back up that claim. If you’ve outgrown your stock browser, want more functionality, or simply want to breathe new life into your browsing experience, Baidu Browser is a safe, reliable, and speedy solution.

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