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September 18, 2014

Samsung guarantees $200 total trade-in if you pre-order a Galaxy Note 4

by John_A

I know, I am sure you are all sick of Samsung news by now. Not my fault that they have a bunch of stuff hitting the wire. Kind of like all the Amazon stuff last night. In the press release from Samsung outlining the device along with the announcement of the Galaxy Note 4 hitting the US carriers on October 17th, there was also a bit of news on a guaranteed trade-in value of $200 that I thought you might like to have in your memory banks for when you buy your new device. 

Assuming you plan to pre-order your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 between September 19th and October 16th then you are part way through to a guaranteed $200 trade-in offer. The stipulations are pretty straight forward and are separate from your carrier or retailer, sort of. If you trade-in a working smartphone towards your pre-order of the Note 4 Samsung will issue you a check for whatever the value difference is of what you were given by your carrier/retailer. In English, if I traded in a 32GB Moto X from AT&T to T-Mobile they would offer me $79.00. I take that receipt along with my pre-order receipt and some other details, to Samsung and they will issue me a check for $121. That makes the grand total of my trade-in $200. 

Samsung Note 4 trade-in offer $200

There are a few hoops to jump through, like making sure you pre-order between the dates and don’t wait for October 17th and buy a Note 4 in a store.  Also, your trade-in device has to be valued for at least $10 or more. You also have to get all the details in to Samsung between October 10th and November 30th.

If you are planning to pre-order and trade-in a device also, you might want to bookmark the Samsung offer page. More money that you probably don’t expect is worth filling out a couple of forms.

Source: Samsung | Samsung Promotions

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