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December 28, 2013

Feedback Loop: frustrating applications, form factors vs. operating systems and more

by John_A

Welcome to Feedback Loop, a weekly roundup of the most interesting discussions happening within the Engadget community. There’s so much technology to talk about and so little time to enjoy it, but you have a lot of great ideas and opinions that need to be shared! Join us every Saturday as we highlight some of the most interesting discussions that happened during the past week.

Engadget Forums

The Engadget community never sleeps. That’s why discussions this week revolved around our favorite mobile operating systems (since we’re constantly on our phones), the best mobile applications that don’t require a data connection, rage-inducing applications that we still use for some reason and a deep discussion into how operating systems ultimately affect how we use our devices. Click past the break and read what fellow Engadget users like you have to say.

Best mobile apps that don’t require WiFi?

Whether you’re constantly on the move or just saving some money, LukeARussell wants to know what are the best mobile apps that don’t require a data plan. Games and photography apps come to mind, but anything else? Share your answers with him.

Frustrating applications

Spinning beach balls, tumbling hourglasses, blue screens, beeps, chirps and lots of swearing. It seems that there’s always some application we force ourselves to put up with. I asked fellow Engadget readers to share the most frustrating application they still use. What is yours?

Favorite mobile operating systems

xVxMatthewxVx wants to take stock of the Engadget community’s favorite mobile operating systems. Are you partial to Android, iOS or Windows Phone? Maybe you’re blazing trails with Firefox OS. Whatever the flavor, be sure to chime in on the forums!

Just a Big iPod touch

JasonTsay shares his thoughts on how operating systems ultimately dictate how we use our devices, regardless of form factor — and that’s why the iPad is really just a big, old iPod touch. Sick burn! But more seriously, do you think mobile operating systems will ever be as capable as their desktop brethren? Make your prediction in the forums.

That’s all this week! Do you want to talk about your favorite gadget or have a burning question about technology? Register for an Engadget account today, visit the Engadget forums and start a new discussion!


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