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Skype for Android updated, brings new features for tablet users

Microsoft has decided to upgrade the famous video calling application Skype with some new features, and the version 4.5 is now available at the Google Play Store. There are crash and bug fixes for Nexus 5 and latest Samsung phones, but also there is some good news for tablet users.

As it’s mentioned on the Skype’s official blog, this version “is focused on improving the experience for tablets”, so for that, they updated the app with two new features. The first one is a picture-in-picture window for video and voice calls, means you see your video call even when you switch away to other applications. The second feature is detailed below:

We’ve also added a way for tablet users to quickly jump from one letter to another in your contact list. Just pinch your contact list to zoom out to an alphabet and tap on the letter (or number / symbol option) to jump to that section. It’s a whole lot faster than scrolling.

If you don’t have Skype, then you can download it from the Play Store by clicking the link below. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Source: Skype

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Sony Xperia Z1 mini cleared FCC, codenamed as “Amami”

Just a month ago, we ‘accidentally’ saw the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1s on Sony’s website, and since then, we are waiting to hear more about it. However, it seems the mini version of the Xperia Z is around the corner as it cleared the FCC with a new codename – Sony “Amami”. The model number of the device is Sony D5503 – and it features the same Snapdragon 800 and 20 mega-pixel camera as the flagship, so basically it is just the ‘small’ version of the Xperia Z1.

DSC_4897The report also suggests that it will feature Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, instead of KitKat. Sony press conference is on January 6 2014, and that’s just one day before the CES. So, hopefully we will see the Sony Amami or Xperia Z1 Mini then.

Are you looking forward to get your hands on it, tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: FCC

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Google’s Ingress to become a platform for other augmented reality games

Jason is waiting for you in Ingress' world

Eventually, Google’s Niantic Labs will have to wind down Ingress’ storyline. However, that won’t be the end of the developer’s augmented reality efforts. Niantic tells The Verge that it’s working on programming kits that would let aspiring coders build their own games with chat layers, location info and (if necessary) in-game ads. Jut don’t expect to write your own title any time soon. Niantic doesn’t yet know when the tools will be ready, and their availability may depend on the kind of flexibility that the team wants to offer. If the developer plays its cards right, though, Ingress fans will have a lot more to look forward to than just the beta’s end or iOS support.

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Source: The Verge


SlingPlayer app arrives for Windows 8, costs $15 after free trial runs out

If you happen to own a Slingbox media streamer and a Windows 8.1/RT device, it’s your lucky day. After announcing last month that a SlingPlayer app for Windows was on the way, it’s now in the Windows Store, ready for download. Like the iOS and Android versions, which have been out for quite some time, users can take advantage of mobile DVR control and watch either live or recorded TV on their device. Slingbox owners will receive a free, 24-hour trial, but will need to cough up $15 to continue using it.

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Source: Slingbox, Windows Store


Skype brings picture in picture video calls to Android tablets

For Skype’s latest Android update, the company turned to an unlikely source of inspiration: parent company Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 OS. Specifically, the Skype team wanted to achieve a Snap View-like feature for Android tablet users and that’s just what’s rolling out to users today. The new picture-in-picture option allows callers to continue browsing the web, reading email or even playing Candy Crush on their slates while they video chat away. A new pinch to browse alphabetically feature has also been bundled into the update, making it far easier to locate contacts without endlessly scrolling through a list. Existing Skype users should see the update hitting their Android devices soon though, take note, smartphone users will only benefit from included stability and bug fixes. You can’t have it all, people.

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Source: Skype blog, Google Play


[Themer’s Roundup] Fallout Pip Boy Zooper Theme, Aix Weather Widget & Flat-O Icons

Fallout Pip Boy Zooper Skin

Yes, you saw that right – Pip Boy will be leading the charge for this week’s Themer’s Roundup. Creator Roku of Black Sheep Developers was, of course, inspired by the well-known video game series by Bethesda to create Fallout Pip Boy Zooper Skin. Clock, weather, date and battery are there, per the norm, as well as shortcuts to your phone, texts, and camera. Gmail, Google+, Browser, YouTube, and Play Store finish things off. Google Search & Voice Search can be found at the bottom of the screen, alongside the app drawer. A music widget is also present, with a unique spin on the current track time. Zooper Widget Pro and Media Utilities are both needed for this theme, and Roku was kind enough to provide the wallpaper he used in his Play Store description for free, so that copyright infringement doesn’t keep users from being able to recreate this awesome screen. The app itself, however, is $1.38, and can be downloaded here.

Illusion Black Zooper Skin

Illusion Black by mowmo provides a unique twist on an admittedly overused theme style these days. Simple cards for weather, time/date, battery, and location are given a lively pop using accent colors clearly inspired by Google. A dock for calls, texts, emails, and camera not only continues this theme, but matches up with the color scheme found in the apps themselves. Different styles of widgets are included, with 3 new weather widgets and 1 new battery widget being the most recent additions, so what’s pictured above isn’t necessarily the only setup option available. You can find Illusion Black on the Play Store for $2.01, with Zooper Widget Pro, again, being a necessity.

Holler! UCCW
Aix Weather Widget

Here we have Holler! UCCW and Aix Weather Widget. Holler! is a pretty simple and straightforward clock/date widget, in both a black and white semi-transparent option. The divider between the time and date can also be set to represent your battery life, and will slowly dwindle as your battery dies. Two hotspots can be customized to open whichever apps you prefer. Best of all, Holler! is a free application, which can be downloaded here.

Aix Weather Widget gives the most amount of customization and info-at-a-glance that I’ve seen from any other weather widget. Not only are temperature and forecast represented, but also sunrise/sunset times and expected rainfall times and amounts, all on a stylish and striking graph format. Not stopping there, developer Per Magnus Veierland allows users to tweak everything from the background transparency, to the border width and text color. Even with all that, the app is still available as a free download. That’s a steal if I’ve ever seen one. Don’t hesitate – grab it on the Play Store now.

Naxos Flat Icon Pack
Flat-O Icons

Naxos Flat Icon Pack and Flat-O are going to round us off today. Naxos, made by the same developer as Illusion Black, features over 600 icons with subtle shadowing and a backdrop under the icon itself.  11 wallpapers, and icon masking are also included. A nice touch that I was partial to is also present in Naxos – a section in the dashboard for recently added apps. It’s much easier to have them separated and defined for you, rather than digging through an entire icon pack, looking to see if that one app you’ve been missing is now there. A small warning for those with higher resolution devices, however – for some, the icons may appear slightly pixelated. Naxos will run you $2.00 on the Play Store.

Flat-O practically jumps out of the screen at you. The icons are eye-catching, and especially on a dark background, they pop more than any other icon set I’ve seen. They draw you in, and make you truly appreciate the subtle detailing that the developer, InnPixel Designs, put into them. There are currently over 790 icons, and 13 HD wallpapers, and the dev has promised weekly updates for both. $1.49 is a minor price to pay for such brilliant work – be sure to pick it up on the Play Store and admire them as much as I did.

That’s a wrap up for this week’s Themer’s Roundup. Feel free to check out Roundup’s from previous weeks, if you missed any, and comment below with any feedback or suggestions. As always, download links are below, and we’ll see you next week!

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Fallout Pip Boy Zooper Skin | Roku/Black Sheep Developers | $1.38

Illusion Black Zooper Skin | mowmo & sainz | $2.01


Holler! UCCW | yackovsky | Free

Aix Weather Widget | Per Magnus Veierland | Free

Icon Packs

Naxos Flat Icon Pack | mowmo & sainz | $2.00

Flat-O | InnPixel Designs | $1.49


China Mobile Stores Going All Out for iPhone and iPad Promotion

Following the start of pre-orders for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on China Mobile earlier this week, new photos from PRC and ME show just how much the world’s largest carrier is emphasizing its launch of Apple’s products.

The carrier’s relatively small store at the Link City shopping mall in Shenzhen is covered in Apple promotional signage, including wall-mounted banners and a large scrolling digital ribbon sign advertising discounted pricing on the new iPhones, extra free-standing signage, and even a flatscreen television replaying video of Apple’s iPhone 5s/5c introduction from September.

Not only were there Apple advertisements all over the place, but even Phil Schiller was present, his A7 chip announcement playing on a flatscreen TV. A majority of the ad and display space in the store had been dedicated to Apple. If this is any indication, China Mobile is planning to aggressively promote their new Apple partnership in the hopes of blunting any advances from China Unicom and Telecom.

One of the store’s two display tables is entirely devoted to Apple products, with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad, and iPad mini units on display for customers to try out, extra iPhone 5c samples showing the various color options, and a China Mobile salesperson staffing the table at a large iMac.

The China Mobile iPhone launch comes just as market research firm Counterpoint Research revealed a significant jump in Apple’s smartphone market share in China in October, with Apple leaping from sixth place to third with over 10% of the market on the strength of the iPhone 5s and 5c launches. With China Mobile opening iPhone availability up to millions of potential new customers beyond launch partners China Unicom and China Telecom, Apple is clearly looking to make a significant move in the world’s largest market.



Older Versions of Safari Store Login Info in Plain Text [Mac Blog]

Older versions of Safari for Mac store unencrypted user login credentials in a plain text file, according to security firm Kaspersky (via ZDNet). Safari saves the information in order to restore a previous browsing session, reopening all sites, even those that require authentication using the browser’s “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” functionality.

safari_loophole_01Plist file screenshot showing login credentials from Kaspersky

It turns out that Safari for Mac OS, like many other contemporary browsers, can restore the previous browsing session. In other words, all the sites that were open in the previous session – even those that required authorization – can be restored in a few simple steps when the browser is launched. Convenient? Of course. Safe? No, unfortunately.

Safari 6.0.5 for OS X 10.8.5 and 10.7.5 does not encrypt previous sessions, storing them instead in a standard LastSession.plist file that includes website usernames and passwords. Though the file is located in a hidden folder, it is still easily accessible and can be opened on any system.

Apple fixed this issue in Safari 6.1, which was released alongside OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Mac users running Mavericks or those who have installed the Safari 6.1 update for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or OS X 10.7 Lion will not be affected. This problem is limited to users running Safari 6.0.5 and can be remedied by upgrading to the latest software.



Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 Beta 2 to Developers

Apple today released the second beta of iOS 7.1 to registered developers for testing purposes, following the release of the first iOS 7.1 beta back in mid-November. The update can be downloaded via Apple’s developer center and carries a build number of 11D5115d.

Release notes from the first iOS 7.1 beta indicated that the update fixes network connection issues in addition to other bugs. The beta also included a new Yahoo logo, extra burst mode uploading options for the camera, and an option for a “dark keyboard” in the Accessibility section.

Apple has also seeded a new version of the Apple TV beta software, along with Xcode 5.1 Developer Preview 2.



Google Maps Navigation for Android makes its way to 25 more countries

Google Maps Navigation directions that Jason would approve

Eager to go on a driving trip to an exotic locale? You’ll be glad to hear that Google Maps Navigation is now available in 25 more countries. Most of the additions are in Africa, including Libya, Somalia and Tunisia. The rest of the coverage is scattered across the globe: Caribbean travelers can find their way through Guadeloupe and Haiti, while European visitors can navigate Andorra, Croatia and Serbia. There’s even support for relatively remote places like Bhutan and Vanuatu. Maps Navigation still isn’t a truly global service when it reaches 99 countries, but it now reaches far enough that it will be a surprise if you can’t get your bearings while traveling abroad.

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Via: Android Police

Source: Google Maps Support

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