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December 27, 2013

Possible 3D Model of the HTC One 2/M8 Photographed

by John_A


The HTC One 2, or M8, has possibly been caught on camera. It looks like HTC has decided to jump into the soap bar business, how about that? HTC One soap? Sign me up for that.Wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to do that, but of course this is just a 3D 1:1 scale model of the supposed HTC One 2 made purely out of wax.

This comes from a Chinese blog named, but the images have been taken down by the person who posted them. I am sure he got some heat from it, even though the model looks almost identical to the regular HTC One. Other than this image you see above, we have no further information about the new flagship phone at this time.

The little bit of information we do have about the HTC One sequel, is that it might be unveiled as early as February of next year. Rumored specs have also been floating around as well, but we got to be patient and wait for the actual confirmed specs. Don’t you hate that word, patient?  Let us know if you are excited for the HTC one follow-up, and also chime in on the HTC One Soap bar you see above.

Source: Phandroid

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