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December 26, 2013

Call of Duty: Strike Team Updates with Sale and More Device Support

by John_A

Android first person shooter Call of Duty Strike TeamThere certainly is no shortage on great deals floating around the web and inside our beloved Play Store. Another great Holiday discount has just surfaced from Activision. Starting today through February 1st at 2 pm PST, you can pick up Call of Duty:  Strike Team for just $2.99. That would be just over 50% off the full cost that it landed at when it was launched, which was $6.99.

Call of Duty: Strike Team offers up multiple modes, switching between 1st and 3rd person action, customizable gear for your team members and quite a bit more.

With today’s update that brought along the discount are a number of new devices that are now able to pick up the game. The Nexus 5, the Note & Note II, the Nexus 10, the Xperia S and the Z models.

Be prepared for a massive download if you choose to pick this up while it is on sale though. The Play Store stats 1.9GB’s. Normally we tell you to not sit on your hands and go grab it now, but you do have over a month to pick it up. Maybe that Google Play Gift card you asked for hasn’t arrived just yet. When you are ready, just hit the link below to go grab it.

Call of Duty®: Strike Team Play Store Link

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