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December 21, 2013

Six CCM’s rumored to be included in the Amazon Phone

by John_A

The talk that Amazon will be entering the smartphone arena is nothing new. It has been crossing over the wires for most of the year actually. Of course nothing concrete has landed its self on our doorsteps. On the off chance that the 50/50 Taiwanese supply chain outlet is right, we thought we should have our bases covered. The new order report is said to bring in an order for six compact camera modules (CCM’s) that include floating point technology per device.

Amazon Kindle PhoneYes, you read that correctly. Six CCM’s per phone. Two of which will be the main cameras for the front and rear for your usual photos, while the other 4 will face forward allowing 3D rendering and touch-less motion control. That ties back into a report that surfaced in October mentioning the code name “Smith”.  Basically allowing the cameras to track your eyes so that what you see on the screen is three dimensional. Think, glasses free 3D TV style, but with touch, or rather touch-less operation. There is further mention that the device should be headed to consumers hands in the second quarter of 2014.

HTC is supposedly the manufacturer that Amazon has been working with on this little project of theirs.

All of these failed rumors and reports about an Amazon phone have almost already killed its desire and appeal. Even if they do manage to pull of something incredible and never done before, I am just about past being interested. Seriously, there was rumored to start production back in April of this year, now we are talking about April of next year. While I am certain Amazon and some manufacturer are playing about with physical phones, I personally won’t be too surprised if Q2 gets missed for a real device for the people to see.

What do you guys think though? Eye tracking touch-less 3D control display. Is that enough to pull you from your HTC One, Galaxy S4 or Nexus? Or has Amazon missed their phone boat and need to stick to their tablets.

Via Afterdawn 

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