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December 20, 2013

‘Taskbar Windows 8 Style’ Brings a Windows App Launcher to Your Device [APP OF THE WEEK]

by John_A


With so many launchers out there, the Play Store can seem pretty saturated. A lot of the launchers out there though, simply replace your defualt homescreen, but if you want just an “app launcher”, then you should try something that is truly not Android. I give you Taskbar Windows 8 style.

A lot of you are probably reading this on your PC, and some of you are probably running Windows 8. Yes, the tiles can be sort of an eye-sore, but Windows 8 does give you the option to utilize it like the old desktop style. When you hit that Start button, all your computer apps and files can be accessed, and that is exactly what Taskbar wants to do.

Taskbar Windows 8 style brings you your apps in a Windows like manner. An icon will always be present on your screen to click for quick access to all your apps, and even your toggles. The drawer pops up just like it would on your PC, and you can be in any app to use it. There are many customizations you can use for Taskbar, such as a dark or classic themes, adjust transparency, height, location, and you can choose what your little hovering icon looks like. That hovering icon can also be changed, and you can also adjust the transparency so you can make it almost invisible when you are roaming through your device.

So I suggest giving Taskbar a try. There is a free version, as well as a premium version for you to download.Make sure you check out my video review to see it in action. If you do try out Taskbar, let us know how you like it.

Play Store Link

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