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December 19, 2013

Check Out the Moto X Interactive Print Ad [Video]

by John_A


The boys over at Motorola has a new ad campaign in store for their Moto X, and it is sure to turn some heads. The video below shows off Motorola’s new interactive print ad, that will allow users to design their Moto X right there on the page. Yes, it sounds a little too futuristic, but Motorola seems to have achieve this feet.

The ad will show up in this January’s Wired Magazine issue. You will be able to turn to the page the ad is on, then chose a back color you want for the Moto X with numerous color options that will be placed on the bottom of the page. There are no specifics on how this interactive print works, but they do show a pull tab to get the whole process going.

Now even though this new ad will appear in January’s Wired issue, you might have to do some searching for it. Mashable reported that the ad will only appear in about a quarter of the magazines out there, most likely due to how expensive the ad is. So check it out in action below. Let us know what you think about it.

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