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December 12, 2013

The HTC One 2/M8 3D Concept Takes Video Form

by John_A


The HTC One is considered by most the best smartphone that hit the market this year. Even if you hate HTC, or you hate the Sense UI, you still can’t say that it is truly the best built phone to date. I love the HTC One, and many would argue that I’m just an HTC fanboy and will love everything HTC puts out. Couldn’t be further from the truth, because I absolutely hate the pain it is to unlock the bootloader and get S-Off on the devices, and I am thinking my next phone will be a Nexus or a Moto X.

With that declaration though, comes a 3D concept video of the successor to the HTC One, and if the phone is anything like it is displayed here in this video, maybe I won’t jump the HTC ship quite yet. The HTC One 2, which will probably be among us as early as Q1, gets a 3D mock-up video, and the specs sound magical. A 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 5-inch 2k display, 3GB or RAM, Android 4.4, Sense 6, and a 4000mah battery. Did that make your mouth water? Let’s just say the blood in my head rushed elsewhere when I watched the video for the first time. The design is pretty similar to the original HTC One, but this time we get a matte black color and it just looks so pretty.

So check out the 3D concept video below. Hopefully some of the specs end up being true for the HTC One 2. Let us know what you think of it.

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