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December 12, 2013

SwiftKey Beta 4.5 update rolls with All-New Emoji Support

by John_A

SwiftKey has made an announcement for the SwiftKey Beta program today that many are sure to enjoy. The update moves the popular Android keyboard replacement to v4.5 beta. It is a public beta, so everyone that wishes to give it a whirl is more than welcome to do so.

SwiftKey 4.5 BetaIn this release you find support for more than 500 emoji’s across five various categories: people, objects, nature, places and symbols. In this classic emoji, you will get a popup panel so you can choose what you want to add to your message. The buck doesn’t stop there though, there is also emoji word matching. Based on the word you are typing, you will be presented with relevant emoji’s to add to the message without having to search for it on your own.

Emoji word match:
As you type one of hundreds of keywords, you can opt to be offered emoji predictions in the candidate bar. For example, typing “Santa” will offer you a Christmas emoji in addition to word predictions, just tap the emoji image to select.

Fun examples include: “sleepy”, “pizza”, “broken”, “cheers” and “kiss”. Also, if you start typing a time of the day, such as 10pm, you may be greeted by the relevant clock symbol.

That is probably the best use of emoji support I can think of. I hardly ever remember to use them. Maybe this will help spice up my communications.

To top things off, there is now the added support of an option number row. Finally.

All of these new addition in the 4.5 beta version are easily turned on and off still leaving you in full control over your keyboard experience. If you want to pick it up then point your browser over to SwiftKey and download the apk.

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