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Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher Available In The Android Market



The vast number of possible Android launchers has increased by yet another as Samsung has released their own UI rendition called Pure Breeze from Samsung San Jose Mobile Lab. The launcher replaces the standard Android Home layout (for any Android device 2.1 or greater) in the hopes of giving users custom options, better organization and simplified navigation to apps and files. The twist? It works around a unique grouping system with a floating “Kite” that holds those groups and acts as your home screen. Whether or not this is a recipe for success remains questionable however.

Here’s what they say:

Pure Breeze is a customizable user interface that lets you easily organize your apps, groups, and tasks, and create shortcuts. Pure Breeze replaces your default home screen and allows you to enhance navigation by organizing your applications into groups. The “Kite”, a customizable floating window is always available with one touch to access your phone’s widgets and shortcuts. The “Kite” becomes your new launcher and home screen.

via Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher Available In The Android Market.


Acer W4 hands-on (video)


Hey, it’s our old pal, the Acer W4. We’ve heard tell of the device and seen our share of mockups, and this week at IFA, we actually got to play with the thing. The 3.6-inch handset is fairly compact, and pretty slick looking, with its black front and curved white backing. It’s not particularly exciting on the spec side, with its 1GHz Qualcomm processor. Nope, what’s most exciting here is the inclusion of Mango, which should look rather familiar to Windows Phone 7 owners, while adding some welcomed updates to the mix.

According to Acer, the handset should be arrive some point next month, though the company isn’t offering up much in terms of pricing. Check out a hands-on video after the break.

via Acer W4 hands-on (video) — Engadget.

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