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HTC Incredible HD teased for January 6th reveal?

See that? No, not all the ambiguous 4G talk, we mean the veiled phone. If we had to guess we’d say that we’re looking at a January 6th reveal of the HTC Incredible HD / Mecha — a device rumored to be headed to Verizon’s new LTE network. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is (the domain carrying the tease) or how it’s affiliated with HTC. So don’t go entering your mobile phone number into the field where you can sign up for notifications. The site seems to be linked with Yahoo! marketing and by entering your number you’re consenting to receive “further complimentary marketing text messages by SMS to your mobile phone,” according to the terms and conditions. Don’t do it. We’ll let you know the very minute the Incredible HD is launched, which, by the looks of things will happen at CES in Las Vegas.


Pantech Vega Xpress comes with DDR2 memory, extravagant performance claims

Pantech’s bringing a new wrinkle to the mobile hardware space with its newly announced Vega Xpress handset. This 4-inch Android 2.2 beastie will come equipped with an unspecified amount of DDR2 RAM– yes, the stuff that usually goes into x86 laptop and desktop computers — which Pantech will have you believe is going to blow the competition out of the proverbial water. The company claims the new phone doubles 3D graphics performance relative to its previous best, while power efficiency is also said to be two to three times better. Other specs include a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, 802.11n WiFi, an 800 x 480 resolution, and a 1500mAh battery. Yours, provided you’re anywhere near Korea, some time soon.


iPad 2 pictures leaked showing 7-inch form factor?

Steve Jobs might hate 7-inch tablets, going as far as to say users would need to “sand down their fingers” for them to be any good. But that’s not stopped the iPad Mini bandwagon rolling, with a new snap purporting to show the slimmed down version in the wild.

The shot, seen here, shows Taiwanese racing driver Jimmy Lin apparently holding an iPad Mini in one hand, with a regular iPad in the other. The small version is certainly packing iOS, or a variant of it, but beyond that it’s unclear if this really is an Apple prototype.

Of course, rip off versions of the iPad are hardly difficult to come by. And with Jobs so dismissive of 7-inch slates, surely this one’s a fake.


Google Confirms Gingerbread for Nexus One in “Coming Weeks”

Google’s official twitter account for their Nexus series of phones confirmed what we had already heard a few weeks back.  Android 2.3 will hit the Nexus One in the “coming weeks” in the form of an over-the-air update.  We had heard unofficially from members of the Android team, but this is the first from Google directly.  As we’re advised by the tweet, we need to hang tight.  So hang tight.


Playstation Phone Likely to be Called “Xperia Play,” Expected in Stores April 2011.

It’s always fun seeing the details come trickling out on a new phone — especially a phone as highly-anticipated as the upcoming “Playstation phone.” Well, some pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. A European trademark was granted on the “Xperia Play” on December 1st. Also, the domain names “,” “,” and “” have been registered. These factors lend a lot of credence to the rumor of the name. Pocket-Lint is also reporting on rumors that the device will be formally announced at Mobile World Congress this upcoming February, and will be available in stores in April.

Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more information as things become official!


Motorola Defy review

Motorola’s Android plans seem to consist of making as many different types of phones as possible, and it seems the company’s researchers have decided we’re pretty clumsy with our precious smartphones. The Motorola Defy is IP-tested to work through submersion, dust-filled environments and dropping onto concrete floors – ‘life resistance’ is how it’s been dubbed.

But beneath the rubberised exterior (including locking a battery cover to seal the innards and big rubber caps for the microUSB and 3.5mm headphone jacks) beats a Google heart – Android 2.1 to be exact.
In this Gingerbread age, that’s the not the best platform to be shipping with, as it means we miss out on using the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, improved touchscreen performance and being able to store apps on an SD card.

However other features (like being able to share contacts and improved camera mode) are all added in from Motorola, as well as integrated social networking enhanced widgets (where you can resize and drag them over seven home screens).


Overall operation isn’t as slick as we would have liked though – the lag was palpable at times, and frequently the keyboard would struggle to keep up with our typing.

The rugged exterior does live up to its name though – despite feeling very light and a little bit cheap, the case didn’t break being dropped from shoulder height onto a pavement, the screen didn’t get scratched even with a lot of effort from a bunch of keys, and the Defy even carried on chugging when thrown in a glass of water.


Another decent idea from Motorola is the connected media player – things like a free lyrics provider and YouTube music video search are a great idea and make the phone seem a little more premium. However, they don’t always work – the YouTube music video search engine had very little choice, and the TuneWiki lyrics service is more of a gimmick than useful tool.

More importantly: sound quality was only average (although perfectly passable) and the video player really wasn’t up to scratch. From not playing a number of file types to starting some movies only to have them give up after a few minutes, it wasn’t a good advert for the Defy’s media player.

The contacts menu is confusing too – with the likes of the HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S it’s easy to link people up to Twitter and Facebook accounts, whereas on the Defy it’s a long, convoluted and inaccurate process, often with the person you’re looking for not available for a link and the Twitter username overwriting the person’s actual contact name.


Overall, the Motorola Defy is a confusing one. Its rugged nature is not inherent when you pick it up – people who want a phone for a workshop or building site might enjoy it, but that’s a pretty niche market. Things like the Car Dock, where you can quickly access navigation and music apps, are a nice touch, and the camera is swift and pretty decent too. But the lower-grade OS, slight lag during operation and very lightweight feel mean it’s going to be more out of necessity than desire that you pick up the Motorola Defy.


HTC HD2,Nexus One,EVO,Droid and Desire get some Gingerbread crumbs.

With Gingerbread freely distributed to the open-source masses, it probably won’t surprise you to hear there already a custom ROM for Google’s darling Nexus One. But what if we told you Android 2.3 is now available for the HTC HD2 as well? That’s right, the Windows Mobile 6.5 powerhouse can now snap off a sugary piece of the same Android code, and from what we hear in the XDA-developers forums, it works pretty decently, too. Like the Samsung Galaxy S we saw getting the green tie treatment this morning, the HTC HD2 and Nexus One don’t exactly have stable, fully functional builds, but as long as you know what you’re doing and don’t need petty luxuries like cameras, GPS receivers and official Google apps, you’ll probably be just fine. Find files and a modicum of instruction at our source links below.



iPhone 5 'clone' caught on video with new iPhone design

A ‘clone’ of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 has appeared outing what is claimed to be the new form factor of the next-gen Apple handset.

Whilst the fruity tech giant has yet to confirm that the iPhone 5 is in the works, the company’s rigid annual product cycles should see the much mooted device announced around June of next year.

Despite having given the iPhone a massive design overhaul earlier this year for the arrival of the iPhone 4, the signal loss issues that plagued the device upon arrival could well see Apple opt for yet another look with Chinese website M8cool claiming the snapped and videoed device below is how version 5 of the Cupertino blower will look.

Looking little more than an amalgamation of the 3GS and 4, the leaked iPhone 5 clone features squared-off edges with a slightly curved rear shell. Whilst we are highly sceptical as to the legitimacy of M8cool’s release, we would not be surprised to see the iPhone 5 adopting a dramatically different design form come launch in mid-2011.

The first claimed appearance of the iPhone 5, M8cool’s rumours follow repeated speculation as to what features the next gen Apple smartphone will boast with a Toshiba-produced LCD display, NFC technology, integrated SIM andinbuilt FM radio receiver all currently being touted.


Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac updated

Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows Phone 7 connector software for the Mac, bringing with it a number of new features and plenty of bug fixes that were no doubt annoying Mac-owning Windows Phone 7 fans.

The new update, which Microsoft describes as “critical” and weighs in at 7.6MB, brings a new device setup experience and the ability to now sync purchased audio content from the device.

Fixes includ performance upgrades, better handling of photos with Apple’s iPhoto 11 and fixing an issue where some AAC or MP4 files wouldn’t play on the phone.

The new update is available via the Microsoft AutoUpdate app and is available now.

Full features and fixes in full:

New features:

Purchased audio content is synced from device

New device setup experience

Browse device now supports manual import from device, delete from device and preview.

Improvements and fixes:

Performance improvements in sync process

Photos are now organized by their iPhoto event if present and by album otherwise

Improved video preparation process

Improved support for pin lock and unlock of device

Improved meta data transfer settings (bookmarks, rating and release dates and now transferred)

Fixed issue with remote iTunes installations

Fixed issue with .AAC and certain .MP4 files not playing on device

Apple Lossless encoded files are no longer synced as they are unsupported on device. They will be ignored like protected content. Please convert these files, as necessary.

Improved support for iPhoto 11.


Google Maps 5 Updated to Include 3D Maps and Offline Navigation‎

Google’s never been afraid to “blow it out” with Google Maps, most famously with its inclusion of Navigation, which knocked the legs out from under a lot of the GPS device and navigation app market.Google Maps 5.0 for Android might seem similarly earth shattering, but it marks a significant change to the basic technology of Google Maps. Most importantly, Google is now using vector graphics for its maps, which are scalable and much lighter weight than the traditional stitched together images used in most Google Maps incarnations. The vectors also enable something else a whole lot sexier: a two finger swipe can “tilt” the map and now you’ve got a 3D view of the landscape. It’s not quite as flashy as Google Earth, but it looks a whole lot more useful. The other thing these low-bandwidth vector maps enables is offline caching of maps, specifically your most frequently visited locations, and entire trips that have been routed in Navigation, including potential reroutes. Anybody with an Android 1.6 or higher device can download 5.0 right now for free, but the 3D and offline features are 2.0+ only.

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