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Asus Eee Note review

There’s no doubt that ebook readers have become a hit, especially the Amazon Kindle, but most of the ebook readers are fairly limited as to what you can use them for beyond what they’ve been designed to do. Enter the Asus Eee Note, not an ebook reader, not a tablet, not a PDA either for that matter, but something of a fusion of them all. The Eee Note has a fairly large 8-inch greyscale display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and on top of the screen sits a Wacom digitiser. A digitiser is a type of touchscreen, but unlike your average touchscreen, a digitiser is pressure sensitive and requires the use of a special stylus.

The advantage of this over a capacitive or resistive touchscreen is that it’s far more accurate. Asus claims an accuracy of 0.4mm when holding the pen vertically, although it’s not quite as accurate at an angle. This brings us to the primary function of the Eee Note: it is a digital notepad. This might sound dull and somewhat out of touch with modern technology, but it can actually be rather quite handy. There are no less than 42 templates available ranging from college ruled paper, to advanced options such as pie charts and various calendars. It’s also possible to insert pictures into the notes and these can be taken by the built-in 2-megapixel camera.

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