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November 12, 2022

Soundcore Liberty 4 wireless earbuds review

by John_A

Soundcore has been around for a few years now, so if you haven’t heard of them, you should take note. The Anker-owned company has been pumping great wireless audio devices in that span that can compete with any high-end competitor.We’ve been testing the latest from the company with the Soundcore Liberty 4 wireless earbuds and continue to be impressed with the offerings in Soundcore’s lineup.DesignThe Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds borrow heavily from other options in this market. You get a fairly common teardrop earpiece with a stemmed bottom. The fit is very good on these earbuds and the light weight lends to comfortable usage over several hours.The big addition to the Liberty 4 is the click interactions. Yep, much like the big-time fruit company, Soundcore has added the ability to control features by clicking a portion of the stem of each earbud.We’ll cover more on this later, but you could knock this for possible infringement, but it’s a nice option that doesn’t need weird capacitive touches to change common inputs while using the audio devices.SoundThe audio prowess of the Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds is above average. This segment is never going to be an audiophile winner, but the punchiness of these earphones is quite nice. The bass is well-rounded with mids and highs that come in nicely when needed.Whether it was robust musical numbers or more bland podcasts, I found zero issues with the audio here. Soundcore has always done a great job of balancing their outputs and the Liberty 4 buds performed admirably here.This can be attributed to Soundcore including active noise cancellation, 360-degree spatial audio, and ACAA premium sound codec. All wrapped together produce earbuds worth taking note of as your next purchase.ClickinessNow, back to the previous mention of the clicking stems. Soundcore has decided to forego the more common capacitive touch area on the outside of the earbuds for stems that can be compressed for similar interactions.These options can be customized via the Soundcore app but come out of the box with a few defaults. Squeezing once will pause or resume music payback. A double click will answer or end phone calls. And the same double squeeze will change the active noise cancellation profiles.This click option works very well and really comes into play in scenarios where you have condensation on your hands. Sweaty workouts, pool times, or rainy days will make you struggle with traditional capacitive touch areas on most earbuds. Soundcore has avoided this through design with the Liberty 4 earbuds.My one negative is that my test units seem uneven on the force needed between the two earbuds. The right earpiece is much easier to compress than my left. So much so, I’ve found myself inadvertently pressing it numerous times while either repositioning the earbuds during a workday or even eating. The right earbuds were so sensitive that my jaw and ear movement seemed to occasionally activate the music to pause.Battery life and chargingEndurance is another feature that the Liberty 4 earbuds excel at. Soundcore rates them at nine hours per charge and I’ve found that to be accurate. I consistently get through a full eight-hour shift without reaching for the charging case.The case adds an additional charge time for 28 total hours of playtime combined. When you need to recharge the entire setup, you have options. The case supports both USB-C and wireless charging.ConclusionSoundcore continues to be a brand in wireless audio to watch. The company adds another great solution with the Liberty 4 earbuds. With balanced sound, unique interactive controls, and great battery life you need to add these to your purchase list.The Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds can be had for $150 in two colorways. Soundcore has made them available on Midnight Black or Cloud White. You can purchase your Liberty 4s via Soundcore’s website or the company’s retail partner Amazon.Purchase the Soundcore Liberty 4s at SoundcorePurchase the Soundcore Liberty 4s at Amazon

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