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Good news: No one wants to buy the RTX 4080 from scalpers

Scalpers are likely having a hard time reselling the Nvidia RTX 4080, and there’s more than one reason for that.


Alexa is a $10 billion ‘failure;’ should you still buy an Echo during Black Friday?

Echoes are currently 30-60% off, but should you buy one if Amazon plans to scuttle its Alexa division?


Apple Nearing Deal for Film About Sam Bankman-Fried and the Collapse of FTX

Apple is close to a deal for the book rights to Michael Lewis’ story about the fall of entrepreneur Sam


Amazon Black Friday Apple TV 4K Sale Has 2021 Model for Just $79.99

Amazon’s Black Friday deals keep coming strong as we get nearer to the 25th, and today the retailer has introduced


Angry Protests Break Out at Key iPhone Factory in China

Riots broke out on Wednesday at the world’s largest iPhone factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, according to video


What is Binance Coin, and Where Can I Convert BNB USDT?

The market of digital assets includes hundreds of different coins and tokens to invest in. A beginner trader might need help with picking an appropriate asset for investment. We want to discuss critical things to consider when choosing a coin to buy and mention one credible asset – Binance crypto.

Here are things to consider when picking an investment option:

  • Price and chart
  • Trade volume
  • Market capitalisation 
  • Valuable technology at the core
  • Application scope and use cases
  • The reputation of founders and developers.

Some crypto assets are released by large crypto platforms with the purpose of ease and facilitating users’ work on it and delivering additional benefits. One such project is the BNB coin. As of mid-November 2022, it will cost $269.76 to convert BNB to USDT. Together with the whole crypto market, the coin’s value dropped this month. 

Some use cases for the BNB coin:

  1. BNB holders use the coin to pay fees working on the exchange.
  2. Different online services accept BNB as means of payment 
  3. BNB holders can book travel and accommodation 
  4. Buy goods and services
  5. BNB coins are used as gift vouchers on some social networks.
  6. Some Binance workers are paid a salary with BNB.
  7. Trading and investment.

The coin is traded on all large crypto platforms. Maybe Binance will be somewhat difficult to handle for a beginner trader, for it has an advanced interface. So you can buy cryptocurrency on the WhiteBIT platform. It is also a reliable and credible exchange with many trading tools and over 450 pairs, including popular BNB USDT.

WhiteBIT offers BNB price charts and a convenient interface to use all trading instruments efficiently. In addition, there is a standalone educational resource, the WhiteBIT blog, where you can learn more about trading, read an overview of up-and-coming crypto projects and get a guide on different types of trading. 

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