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November 5, 2018

Pump up your Echo Dot Kids’ Edition with these Bluetooth speakers

by John_A

When it comes to finding a great speaker to pair with the Echo Dot Kids Edition, the choices are almost endless. You can go the traditional route by using 3.5mm auxiliary cables, but where’s the fun in that? These Bluetooth speaker options will speak perfectly to your child’s style, and a few of them also speak to a parent’s practicality.


Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O


The Altec Lansing IMW257 is likely the best option for a Bluetooth speaker to pair with the Echo Dot Kids. No, you might not be taking it to the pool, but it will resist accidental spills and comes in a myriad of colors.

$30 at Amazon

Squishy Ears

AEO Portable Bunny Bluetooth Speaker


The ears are squishy and the little 😄 eyelashes help this cute and compact speaker turn the adorability factor up to 11. The silicone is easy to grip and carry around the room or around the house to keep the place hoppin’!

$25 at Amazon

Big Sound

DOSS SoundBox XS Touch


This impressively-named speaker is touch-sensitive, which can be super-fun for a child, but admittedly less so for parents. Plus, there are two 5-watt drivers to provide big sound in a small package.

$33 at Amazon

Nightstand buddy

WamGra Night Lights Lamp and Speaker


This technicolor Bluetooth speaker doubles as a color-changing, dimmable bedside lamp and an alarm clock. No matter what theme your room or your music, this speaker can match it and light up the pillow fort party.

$36 at Amazon


iHome Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker


This franchise is over 40 years old, but it’s going stronger than ever today! Chances are someone in your home is a big fan of Star Wars and this Death Star Bluetooth speaker from iHome would be the perfect addition.

$34 at Amazon

Build-a-Bose workshop

Bose BOSEbuild Speaker Cube


The priciest speaker on this list is a bonding experience, as it requires you and your child to build the speaker. The BOSEbuild Speaker includes all of the necessary parts, and the finished product will have the quality and sound that Bose is renown for.

$99 at Amazon

If you are in the market for a new speaker that sounds better than the Echo Dot Kids, this list is for you. There are a few fun options like the Death Star Speaker, along with an all-in-one nightstand solution from WamGra. There are plenty more options out there, but these were some of our favorites.

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