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November 5, 2018

Pack your Kano Computer for trips in style!

by John_A

While travel cases for the Kano computer are, unfortunately, rather lacking, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a high-quality case that won’t break the bank — or your tech. After breaking a lot of my own equipment due to a mixture of forgetfulness and stupidity, I decided to change my ways and always opt to get the best case that money can buy. This is why the Aenllosi Storage Carrying Kit has been included in this collection, as its durability keeps all of your Kano Computer parts safely protected from the world, and from your own klutziness.

Durable, trusty case

Aenllosi Storage Carrying Kit


A completely crush-resistant case protects internal mesh pockets perfect for storing your keyboard, cables, and mouse. The Aenllosi’s hard, water-resistant shell is also ridiculously easy to keep clean. Did you spill something over it? No problem! This case comes in 3 colors, including a beautiful red.

$16 at Amazon

Long-lasting and risk-free

Aproca Travel Case


Durable and long-lasting, Aproca’s case doesn’t have the same amount of colorful variety as the Aenllosi, but it can definitely get the job done. It’s also 100% risk free. Not the case for you or your Kano Computer? You’re guaranteed to get your money back.

$14 at Amazon

Everything in its place

Hermitshell Hard EVA Carrying Case


Unlike the more open layouts of our previous cases, the Hermitshell has very specific slots for each piece of Kano equipment. There is a place for everything, so you can make sure everything is in its place. This hardshell case keeps everything safely where it should be, and like the Aenllosi, it comes in multiple color choices.

$15 at Amazon

As mentioned previously, the market of cases for Kano computers are low, but that also means everything you purchase here is a clear winner. If you’re looking for a mix of style, protection and portability, my favorite case is the Aenllosi Storage Carrying Kit just because of how durable it is.

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