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October 31, 2018

You can now create personalized emoji in Google’s Gboard — here’s how

by John_A

Apple is rolling out iOS 12.1, which features a slew of new emoji designed to be more inclusive to those with red hair, curly hair, and no hair at all. Google, however, isn’t one to be left out and has announced an update to Gboard that brings a new sticker style, plus the ability to make an emoji that looks just like you.

In other words, you can create emoji with all different hair colors, different skin tones, glasses freckles, and so on. The new so-called Emoji Minis actually exist in the form of stickers, meaning that while they will send more easily between Android devices, you should be able to send them to iOS devices too without any issues. The Gboard update is available on both Android and iOS.

Interested in creating a new personalized Emoji Mini for yourself? Here’s how to do so.

Make sure you have the latest Gboard update.
Open a message or email and open the keyboard.
Tap on the Stickers icon on the bottom. It looks like this: 

Tap on the Emoji Mini icon. It looks like this: 

Press “Create” in the prompt that appears.
Take a photo of your face. Try to make sure there’s enough light for a good photo.
Gboard will then present you with a few options. Choose the one you like and tap on it.
You’ll then be able to change your Mini Emoji to make it look more like you. You can change face shape, hair color, nose shape and more. If you’ve ever made a Nintendo Mii, it’s very similar to that process.
Tap “save” in the top right-hand corner.
You will then be presented with a range of Mini Emoji stickers that you can send to friends.

It’s not an overly difficult process, but it does take a few minutes. After you’ve done it the first time, however, you won’t have to go through the process again — Gboard will remember your preferences and serve up emoji tailored to those preferences. Of course, you can go through the steps again if you would like to tweak or change your emoji, or you can customize the Emoji Minis you already have set up.

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