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October 30, 2018

Latest Smart Gadgets for Your Kitchen

by John_A

3 Latest Smart Gadgets for Your Kitchen

The evolution of technology has led to a world many people would have thought impossible a few years ago. For example, a mobile phone that can not only make calls but you can also play games, take pictures and watch videoes. This advancement in technology would have seemed more at home in science fiction years ago, but it is now a reality. In the home, technology has enabled us to not only shop from the comfort of our couch but to control almost anything within the house. Below are three of the smart gadgets that you can find in the kitchen that can make mealtimes a lot easier.

Smart Thermometer

If you were the sort of person that can’t tell whether something is undercooked or overcooked, then this first gadget might be just what you need! It is a smart thermometer that is inserted into the meat your cooking, whether it’s chicken, pork, fish, or beef. The idea is that this thermometer will tell you via an app on your phone when the meat has reached its optimum temperature. If you add the cut of meat and the desired finish, the app will give you an idea of how long you need before it’s cooked.

Smart Coffee Machines

If like many people, your day starts with a nice cup of coffee, then this next smart gadget might be something you could change your day! There are now many smart coffee machines on the market, but some are smarter than others. For example, there are particular types of coffee machine that have a dedicated app that you can use to wake it up when you need it. Some of them will even go as far as allowing you to select the strength of the coffee you want depending on what type of day you’ve had. By using specific apps, you can even use it to brew you a strong cup of coffee if your Fitbit has recorded a bad night’s sleep.

Smart Washing Machines

Washing machines have become a lot smarter in recent years, and that means not only do you get a better clean, but you also save energy and water. However, washing machines have become even smarter lately with the ability to connect to home hubs. It means that you can monitor your washing from your phone wherever you might be, you can also start, stop and pause the wash if you feel that you need to add things or you want to wait to wash something later. By far the most significant advance has been in the technology used for different settings, you can now have a setting for washing in cold water, certain types of fabric and even for shoes. Of course, it also means that you need to look after these machines as they do cost more than your regular washing machine, which means you need to have companies like Norwest Appliance Service keeping it in top condition.

Even though smart gadgets haven’t been around for very long, it’s getting to the point where we need them in our lives. Pretty soon, new devices will come along that will make our daily life even easier than before.

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