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October 30, 2018

Every game included with PlayStation Classic

by John_A

PlayStation just gave us the full list!


When Sony first announced the PlayStation Classic, they told us it would come pre-loaded with 20 games from the PlayStation archives.

We’ve broken down the full list below!

Final Fantasy VII

Often touted as not only the greatest Final Fantasy game ever but one of the best games ever written, Final Fantasy VII is an excellent choice to have on the PlayStation Classic.

Featuring the adventures of Cloud Strife and the most awesome sword in any video game, Final Fantasy VII is a classic turn-based RPG where your team takes on the evil forces of the Shinra corporation to free the planet from their evil machinations. While the graphics are pretty subpar, even for the original PlayStation, the storytelling and gameplay more than make up for it.

Tekken 3

I was always a fan of Super Street Fighter on the Super Nintendo, but games like Tekken and Virtua fighter brought so much more to the genre. With a camera that pans around and, for its day, pretty fighting animations, Tekken 3 was one of the best fighting games before the PlayStation 2 came along.

Ridge Racer Type 4

I’m not really sure why they chose Ridge Racer when they could have had Gran Tourismo 1, but there is still a lot of nostalgia around R4. While graphically it is nowhere near as good as Gran Tourismo, the gameplay is undeniably fun and fast-paced.

Jumping Flash!

From what I can gather Jumping Flash! is what happens when you give the inventors of Wolfenstein 3D magic mushrooms. It’s a psychedelic first-person shooter with crazy jetpacks and bright colors and noises. One level has you jumping up and down on a shark while you shoot it. Very bizarre.

While I know very little, I have seen many a tweet excited to play this again, so I guess Sony knows what it’s doing including it on the PlayStation Classic.

Wild Arms

Wild Arms is another game that flew under my radar as a kid, but boy does it look cool. Set in the wild west of the planet Filgaia, Wild Arms was one of the first RPGs to include 3D rendered battle scenes and was really ahead of its time graphically.

While researching for this article, not only did I find that Wild Arms exists, but that it spawned sequels, anime, and manga, all the while being almost unknown here in the States and Europe. Japan though, went crazy for the western themes making it a fan favorite there..

Cool Boarders 2

Cool Boarders, while not being as amazing as the Tony Hawk games, was a fun mix of tricks and cool outfits. The game was basically a racing game; you raced downhill on a snowboard completing tricks to boost your score.

It was a fun, distracting game that was the precursor to games like SSX Tricky, which really showed what snowboarding games could do.

Battle Arena Toshinden

Essentially Tekken with weapons, Battle Arena Toshinden played on the now tried-and-tested formula of beat-em-up and gave us a glimpse of what Soulcalibur would one day become.

It feels a little redundant to have two fighting games on the PlayStation Classic when space is at a premium, but enough people must have enjoyed it to make it worth Sony’s time.

Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby was one of the first racing games I remember actually enjoying. Instead of sedately driving around a track, you crashed and careened into other racers as you went.

It also had its own battle royale mode way before Fortnite where you could smash other cars and even see the damage on your vehicle— a big improvement on most racing games where your car was always pristine.

Grand Theft Auto

Before everything went 3D, there were some amazing games that you just knew were going to be special for years to come. Grand Theft Auto has, of course, spawned many sequels, each one better than the last, but watching the original again makes me realize how different it was.

Using a top-down view of the city, you raced through streets stealing cars and killing people on a whim. It was the same meaningless violence you see in the later games while feeling more comical and fun. I think I prefer that.

Intelligent Qube

Known as Kurushi in Japan, Intelligent Qube is another one of those games that didn’t see wide renown in the rest of the world. It’s an interesting puzzle game that requires some skill and has a beautiful soundtrack, but I still don’t see why it is on the Classic.

There were a lot of amazing games on the original PlayStation; Intelligent Qube was not one of them.

Metal Gear Solid

Now we are getting to the good stuff. Announced at E3 in 1997, Metal Gear Solid was and still is an instant classic. The stealth mechanic that it introduced has been used by countless games since and it continues to be one of my favorite games.

Also, we got to hear tsomeone say “SNAAAAAKE” hundreds of times as you died over and over again, so that’s a bonus.

Mr. Driller

Mr. Driller by Namco is one of those extremely Japanese games that oozes strange imagery and bouncy, upbeat sound effects. The premise is fairly simple: you have to dig through multi-colored blocks to reach the bottom of the cave. The more combos you can do, the more points you score. Simple and fun.

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey

I remember thinking at the time that Oddworld was released how graphically sophisticated it was compared to other games of its day, and looking back now I stand by that. The side-scrolling gameplay has lovely 3D elements that really make the game stand out.

Of course, the storyline and cute factor of Abe’s Odyssey cannot be ignored and explains why it’s here on the Classic.


I think we all know why Rayman is on the PlayStation Classic lineup. It has been a Sony staple ever since this first console, and its classic platforming and crazy storyline make it the perfect choice for the 20 games on the PlayStation Classic.

I look forward to seeing all the speed runs of this that will no doubt show up on Twitch.

Resident Evil: Directors Cut

Resident Evil is a gaming phenomenon. There is no doubt that the series is one of the most beloved around and the horror gaming genre would be poorer for it not existing. The suspense, violence, and jump-scares all combined to make a masterpiece.

I really did hate not being able to shoot and move though, that was frustrating.

Super Puzzle Fighter II

A bizarre mix of Street Fighter, Gems from Sega, and Tetris, Super Puzzle Fighter was a fun two player game where you had to clear gems to defeat your opponent. The more gems you cleared, the more you added to their side and your little character in the middle would do special maneuvers that looked like Street Fighter.

It was a fun little game, but is it worthy of being one of 20 games on a $99 Console? I’m not really sure.

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter is the perfect mix of stealth and action. Taking a lot of cues from Metal Gear Solid, but upping the gun and run quotient, Syphon filter had some really special mechanics, like night vision scopes, that was used by Splinter Cell in later games, and the ability to dodge and roll made a big difference to gun play.

This is a great addition to the PlayStation Classic and I look forward to playing it again.

Revelations: Persona

Another game that I have never seen, Revelations: Persona is a JRPG that has a huge fan base and has spurned many sequels. The game appears to take elements from Final Fantasy while exploring some more esoteric themes and utilizing a battle and character building system using assorted cards.

Twisted Metal

An insane mix of Destruction Derby and the movie Death Race, Twisted Metal is a fast paced racing game where you get to not only smash into other cars, but blow them up using assorted weapons in a battle arena setting.

There were plenty of game modes to keep you busy in Twisted Metal, and the frantic nature of the game made it a fantastic distraction for 20 or 30 minutes.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

The final game in the PlayStation Classics line up is a favorite of mine. Based on the Rainbow Six book, you play as an elite anti-terrorist task force seeking to eliminate threats before they get too far.

The gameplay of Rainbow Six is still fairly unique, and has been used by its predecesors to great effect. Having a team you can stack commands to is a joy when playing these kinds of games as it adds a level of realisim and tactics rarely seen in video games of this age.

Tell us what they missed

So there we have it, the full list. Has this made you more excited for the PlayStation Classic or are you upset that there are games missing that you wanted to see? cough- Tony Hawk -cough. Let us know in the comments.

Retro gold

PlayStation Classic


$99 pre-order at Best Buy

An instant classic in the making

The PlayStation Classic is first retro console from Sony and could be a huge hit for them. As long as the quality of the games is high, and I’m sure it will be it will be worth the pre-order price.

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