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October 30, 2018

DJI adds a bunch of extras to Mavic 2 for a new search-and-rescue drone

by John_A

Hot on the heels of DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom comes the Mavic 2 Enterprise, which, as its name cleverly suggests, is geared more toward business than consumers.

Specifically, DJI is targeting smaller businesses and emergency services with the compact Mavic 2 Enterprise, while bigger organizations in need of something more robust will be encouraged to look at the company’s Matrice drone.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise is pretty much a souped up version of the new Mavic 2 drones, coming as it does with a bunch of tools geared toward tasks such as search and rescue missions, as well as inspections of industrial sites.

So, besides its 12-megapixel camera, the machine also boasts 2X and 3X digital zoom capability, enabling the Enterprise “to identify and inspect dangerous or difficult areas, as well as to help emergency services protect life and property,” DJI said in a release announcing the latest addition to its line-up.

It also comes with a mountable dual spotlight with a brightness of 2,400 lumens for improved sight in dark or low-light areas; a 100-decibel speaker that can play as many as 10 custom voice recordings on demand, “providing a communications channel to nearby individuals that can be critical during lifesaving emergency operations”; and a beacon featuring a bright flashing strobe that’s visible up to three miles away to improve safety for other nearby drone operators as well as piloted aircraft in the area.

Further air safety features include the incorporation of DJI’s AirSense technology, which uses an integrated receiver that automatically alerts the drone pilot to nearby airplanes and helicopters via the DJI Pilot mobile app.

“This provides an extra level of safety for professional drone operators who fly in congested airspace or near complicated operations, such as wildfire suppression, disaster recovery, and infrastructure monitoring,” DJI said.

An important extra for a drone of this type is the inclusion of a new self-heating battery developed specifically for the Mavic 2 Enterprise. This enables reliable operation in challenging weather conditions that include temperatures as low as -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit).

Like the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, the Mavic 2 Enterprise shoots 4K footage at 100 Mbps a second and can stay in the air for up to 31 minutes before a battery change is required. But unlike the consumer versions, the Enterprise can be password protected for added security, and features three times more on-board storage at 24GB.

The Universal Edition of the Mavic 2 Enterprise includes the quadcopter, remote controller, one battery, the aforementioned accessories, and a robust carrying case, and it’s available now for $1,999.

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