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October 29, 2018

Seven Advanced Facebook tips and tricks you should know

by John_A

As it stands, Facebook is one of the most popular and most used social media platforms, with billions of users active every day. There are so many features that Facebook has provided to the users, that it is nearly impossible to fail as a brand operating on this social media platform.

Advertising being one of the strongest arms of Facebook features, businesses have a lot to benefit from this platform. Could you have dabbled with Facebook and not realized the results you anticipated? Here are seven advanced Facebook tips to help you out:

Test engagements for different times

It could be that your activities and posting in Facebook have been at the same time, and the problem with this is that you may not be capitalizing on all your audiences, from different locations, time zones, preferences, among other factors.

The ideal way to maximize your audience reach is to do a test run, where you try sharing messages at different times of the day. You may find that most people who are interested in your product and content are from abroad, or are night owls. Facebook sharing and scheduling tool should allow you to reach out to more people in different walks of life, even when you are not online at the time of posting.

Gather fans off of Facebook

As wide as the Facebook platform may be, you cannot entirely rely on your activity there to bring you all the fan-base you need. Building your fan-base off of Facebook allows you to widen your scope as your increase your visibility as a brand.

On your website, be sure to bring attention to your social media platforms by encouraging them to like you on Facebook for every content you share. You can also cross chare your Facebook posts on other sites and platforms, with links that direct them to your call-to-action.

Clear call-to-action

Basic as a call-to-action seems, people still ignore its essence. Assuming the audience, you have attracted with a particular piece of information is not willing to come back, you need to ensure that you have achieved your goal.

Use a clear call-to-action on your pages, with simple information like “like us,” “call us,” among others. Whatever you want your audience to do, you must show them, and when you are clear with what your intent is, you secure the confidence of your target audience while achieving those very goals.

Post pins

Different from Pinterest pins, Facebook has a feature that allows you to select one post every week that can be featured as the top post on your Facebook page.

If you have a specific message, you have been trying to push out all week long, pin in on the top of our page, and this way, you allow your visitors to see it as the first thing when they open your page. You can customize a shorter version of your main text, stating it is a more intriguing manner that will capture the attention of your audience at first glance.

Emphasis on your milestones

It is okay to flaunt your achievement and accomplishments every once in a while. Facebook is big on capturing milestones, which is why they keep bringing up memories they think are important to you.

Other than celebrating friendships, you can capitalize on your milestones as a business, showcasing your progress. Consider things like events, anniversaries, awards, among others. Create a milestone in the status update section and add as many relevant details as possible, including an image.

Organize for events and activities

Facebook is a rather an active forum, where people want to be engaged in different kinds of activities. Most even promoters have acquired their largest attendance from Facebook. The best thing about using the event feature on this platform is that once a follower shows interest in your activity, Facebook will notify friends of friends about the event.

The more events and activities you set up, the more people are aware of the existence of your brand, with more willingness to consume more content from your page.

Reviews make a difference

As a brand, do not for a moment take for granted the essence of reviews. People on social media are drawn to specific actions because their friends referred it to them, and in a sense, reviews work to your advantage.

Encourage your visitors to review your products or services, which will give you a ranking and preference against your competitors. If you have testimonials, let them be in the frontline of your page, so people can begin to trust your brand.

For the ad messages you create, you can position one testimonial at the start of the ad, which will capture the attention of your target clients.



Facebook is such a powerful tool for any business seeking to grow online, with an audience-base that keeps growing by the day, not to mention, diversifying. These seven tricks should give you dominance and expertise on matters to Facebook in no time.

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