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October 24, 2018

KeepCalling review: the simple way to make international calls on the cheap

by John_A

Calling friends and family abroad can cost a fortune, but if you know the right way to call, you can pick up the phone for next to nothing.

For example, you can install an app for international calling like KeepCalling. It’s free to download on your Android smartphone and offers affordable prices for calls made via Wi-Fi or data.

KeepCalling features a clean and simple-to-use interface that will get you on the line with your friends in a few short minutes.

Simply log-in with your, email address, Google account or Facebook to get started. Next, you’ll have to purchase some credit. The standard options include $5, $10, $20 and $50. However, you can also manually enter the amount you want to pay to start from $2.

You can pay either by credit card or PayPal which is quite convenient. KeepCalling also offers the option to purchase a Monthly Plan with unlimited minutes which varies depending on the country you’re calling. For example, for Canadians, the plan will take them back with $4.99.

International calls don’t have to be expensive

Before you buy calling credit you can check to see the calling rates for the country you are planning to call to, so you get an idea of how much to get. For example, for the Czech Republic, calling on mobile is 3.3 cents/min, while SMS is 7 cents.

Once you’ve purchased the credit you can start calling. Just make sure you use the country’s specific international code when you call.

In our experience, using the app was a pretty straight forward affair. We could hear the other party quite smooth, although we did experience some echo. The calls went through uninterrupted, but we were connected to a stable Wi-Fi.

By default, you get a random caller ID, but you can set it to your mobile phone number from the app by accessing the Set my CallerID option from Settings.

Want more credit? You can earn free credit if you refer some of your friends. For each referral who places an order with KeepCalling, you’ll receive $5.

The app also lets you import all your contacts and also has a Speed Dial feature to which you can add up to 99 numbers you call the most.

So if international calls are draining your budget, then you should definitely try and give KeepCalling a shot. If you’re not sure the app is for you just yet, simply try testing it out. It won’t cost you more than $2.

Download KeepCalling from the Play Store

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