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October 12, 2018

MrMobile’s Razer Phone 2 Hands-On: Glowing with potential

by John_A

A blocky build chock full of right angles; a slick and smooth 120hz display; a big battery between even bigger speakers. Yep, the Razer Phone 2 sure is familiar! But in building a sequel to its gaming-focused flagship from last year, Razer has taken the opportunity to fix nearly every single flaw I called out in my review of that older model. From water and dust resistance to a glowing Chroma logo to a brighter display to a wholly reworked camera, the Razer Phone 2 seems poised to finally deliver on last year’s lofty promises – as long as you’re willing to shell out the asking price of $799.

Check out the MrMobile hands-on in the video above, and be sure you’re subscribed to the channel so you don’t miss the full Razer Phone 2 review coming soon! Then be sure to check out the Razer Phone 2 hands-on posts from Android Central and Windows Central for their platform-focused takes on this monster.

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